Lost Ark: All Harmony Island Mokoko Seed locations (Guide)

Harmony Island is a little adventure island, which does not exist every day in the game. So before going to explore Harmony Island in Lost Ark, do check it in today’s available Lost Ark Adventure Islands.

Else you will be disappointed by the exploration and your luck. And also keep a check on other requirements you need to fulfill for the adventure. Mokoko seeds are a very fun resource in Lost Ark. There are a total of 1200 seeds available in the complete Lost Ark.

All Mokoko Seeds Locations on Harmony Island in Lost Ark

  • One seed you will find on the north side of the map, where the map looks like T in a circular loop. On the right side, you will find the Mokoko Seed.
Source: Game Guides Channel
  • The other two seeds can be found on the Western side of the Island, where the map looks like a thin hand-like part of the island came out. While entering there, you may need to learn Forest’s Minuet. When you play the song, the secret passageway will open. At the further end of that passage, you will find your Mokoko seeds.

Refer to the map for the locations of the Mokoko seeds. Mokoko seeds are very special loot in the game. They provide you with some Roster levels and you can exchange the Mokoko seeds with rewards by talking to Totoma in the Mokoko village.

Enjoy your journey all the way to search for Mokoko Seeds. You can easily find and get them when you are fully ready, so don’t forget to prepare yourself. Have a great gaming day. See you soon.

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