Harvestella: What are Conellu Dolls and How to Use Them?

Released on 4th November 2022, Harvestella is a Life Simulator/Role-Playing-Game developed by Live Wire and published by Square Enix for the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.

In this game, players awaken during the height of Quietus, a danger visiting with the change of each season. In Nemea Town, players live self-sufficiently in their bases and cooperate with allies to overcome threats and uncover the truth behind the disasters!


In this article, we will discuss Conellu Dolls and how to use them. This article is applicable to both Windows and Switch users. For more content regarding game guides and tutorials, visit our Guides Tab.

What are Conellu Dolls?

conellu doll

These are collectable items found across the world and in shops in Harvestella. The first time you will see this item is in the Higan Canyon in Chapter 2 – Omen, near the ruins in the east direction, just after leaving the canyon entrance. These dolls Unlock Merchants in the game. After getting the first doll, you will unlock the Livestock and Pets shop.

NOTE: These dolls cannot be sold for Grilla (In-Game Currency), used in Crafting, or Discarded.

How to Use Conellu Dolls?

Conellu Dolls can be used as a currency with an NPC Vendor named “Chief Conellu“. Although the main purpose they serve is getting merchants, Conellu Dolls must be delivered to the Chief in exchange for valuable rewards.

Source: Steam

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