Harvestella: How to Get Small Flame Cores

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Harvestella is a life simulation RPG developed by Live Wire and Published by Square Enix and was just released yesterday i.e Nov 4, 2022. This title is comparable to Final Fantasy and Rune Factory and is all about farming crops while attempting to save the world from the sudden appearance of a deadly plague called Quietus.

The game is set in a world with four huge crystals called Sealight, which ensures stability between the four seasons. The world is thrown into chaos when Quietus the plague causes crops to die and prevent anyone from going outside.

About the Small Flame cores: It is a fire elemental material that you will find pretty early on in the story. They are crystals that have the properties essential for crafting rare items. This article will tell you all about getting small flame cores to help with your progress!

Small Flame Cores

Harvestella small flame cores

To obtain them you must travel to Higan Canyon. This is where you will find a lot of loot and ways to earn loot like small flame cores and copper ore.

But we are here for Small flame cores so, here are some ways to get them:

  • Observe the mini-map and look out for small stone icons and go next to them
  • Now interact with the stones and fish some materials which may include Small flame cores too along with copper ore.
  • Another way is to kill the local monsters and collect the drop afterwards. These drops have a good probability of dropping them.
  • Try to take out monsters that use fire element attacks as they have a higher chance of dropping Small flame Cores.
  • Or, you can just explore the open map and its goodies like treasure chests which also have a good probability of dropping goodies like copper ore and Small Flame cores.

That’s it, fellas, keep the above tips in mind, and all the best on collecting these cores!

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