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How To Heal Injured & Inactive Ops In Rainbow Six Extraction

In Ubisoft’s latest, Rainbow Six Extraction, there are a lot of new mechanics which are new to even veteran Siege players. The game adds a lot of added realism to enhance your immersion into the game’s lore.

The most prominent one out of these is the Roster Health tracking. Here, if during an Extraction mission you take a critical amount of damage but do make it out safely, making a close call, the operator does not go back to REACT HQ scot-free.

Instead, the game has a realistic long term health system that keeps a track of long lasting injuries. So, the operator you used while completing an extraction after taking a beating, will be classified as injured and will be made unplayable.

You will have to continue with other operators as they recover. If all of this is a lot to take in, we have broken it down for you.

The Roster Health System

In the game’s Operators screen, you will soon notice that some operators will be highlighted in orange, meaning that these characters are inactive. You can click on any of your operators to see what is their HP stat.

This is a new stat unique to each of your operators and stands for Health Points. So if your operator was heavily injured during one of your extractions, they will be deemed inactive and cannot be used to start another run until they recover.

How to Recover Injured Operators

Healing injured operators in this game is pretty straightforward and require much less hassle than when they’re MIA. Whenever you see your favorite operator marked as injured with a really low HP stat, you simply have to start another Extraction, but with a different operator as the injured one is now locked.

You can just grind these Extraction runs with various other operators, fighting the Archaeans, from one sub-zone to another. The more you complete objectives in each of the sub-zones separated by airlocks, the more XP and HP you gain at the end of a successful extraction.

The XP is used to level up and unlock more Operators and weapons, whereas the HP is used to add to your injured operator’s HP stats. Once you have gathered enough collective HP for your injured operators, they will be deemed playable again.

This usually takes one elaborate run, or a few shorter ones. Note that the higher the difficulty of your run is, the more XP and HP you earn by completing it. Just make sure not to bite off more than you can chew and lose one more operator before extracting.

So that is it, to increase the health stats of your injured operators you simple need to play on, gather HP from missions and level up at the same time. This makes the game fun and streamlined to play, with a level of realism so that it feels like the health of your operators really do matter, unlike other games.

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