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Elden Ring: Highroad Cave Dungeon Guide

One of the game’s longest dungeons is Highroad Cave, which is split into two halves. Players are allowed to locate and treasure Elden Ring’s broad assortment of alternative dungeons. Limgrave, the game’s beginning region, has a tiny number. 

Highroad Cave

Wolves, bats, and a giant may be frightening to newcomers, but the benefits are well worth the risk. Here you’ll find a powerful curved blade, a talisman, and upgrade components. Let’s look at where to find the Highroad Cave, how to get rid of it, of how to get the Guardian Golem monster.

About Highroad Cave :

 This dungeon is strongly recommended. Apart from Stormveil Castle, Highroad Cave is the largest dungeon in Limgrave. Both areas have poor lighting, therefore bringing a torch or other form of illumination is highly suggested. Get ready to be invaded by a horde of fodder opponents. As you lessen your existing equip load, the Shamshir curved sword and the Blue Dancer Charm are both excellent upgrades to your offensive capability.

Highroad Cave Overview
Guardian Golem
EnemiesWolves, Bats
Notable footSmithing Stones
Blue Dancer Charm


Make sure you have a torch or some other source of light before proceeding past the Shrine of Grace into the dungeon itself. You’re gonna have a tough time in the following few rooms if you don’t have one.

A couple of wolves will be patrolling a pretty huge pit in the first room. Kill the lone wolf before turning around to confront the two wolves that are trying to ambush you. When they’re dead, you have the option of exploring the side passageways for cave moss or continuing lower. Bring your torch to view which levels you can land on if you’re trying the latter. You’ll die if you fall straight down.

Highroad Cave

On the bottom level, turn right to find another chamber full of wolves. You may leverage the difference in elevation to land a leap attack or do harm from a distance, thus killing one of the wolves. After you’ve gotten rid of these wolves, look to your left. They’ll be a tiny corridor leading to a view of the following chamber. Ranged styles can kill the wolves from here, while melee builds can use a strong plunge strike to kill one of the tougher white wolves.

Be cautious of the shrubs in this area, since many of them conceal a sleeping wolf. Take on the wolves one at a time, keeping a safe space between you and them, and you should be alright. To go to the next portion of the dungeon, keep going down the tunnels.

Sunken Cavern:

For melee setups, this portion is quite deadly, whereas for most ranged players it is easy. Navigate your way down the winding trail to discover a bat perched on a nearby ledge. You can get a few easy hits on it if you put your flashlight away.

Slip down to the top of the waterfall after the bat is dead. At this moment, three bats will attack you. Before you attack them, go into the cave. If you don’t, you risk dying if you go down the waterfall. After you’ve dispatched the bats, search the little cave for Smithing Stones and Golden Runes.

Highroad Cave

Continue down the waterfall, falling directly down. You will not be damaged and will rest on a narrow ledge that is partially immersed in water. To get to the middle level, sprint and leap across to the shattered pillar, then run down the diagonal pillar. Strike one of the bats with a jump attack, then kill the rest as they advance. You can grab a curved sword called the Shamshir from the dead on the pedestal. Progress through the section by jumping atop the destroyed pillar base to a neighboring cave.

About Boss:

Once you pass through the fog, a Guardian Golem will be sleeping. Approach the boss and strike its ankles when you’re prepared. It can’t damage you as long as you keep behind the boss’s ankles. When it tries to stomp you, duck, then sprint towards the boss when it runs into a corner. It may use a fire breath attack now and again, but you may dodge it by strolling beside its ankles during the attack; don’t be too aggressive with your strikes at this time.

While it may appear that you aren’t accomplishing anything, hurting the Guardian Golem’s ankles causes significant alignment injury. If you attack the golem’s ankles hard enough, it will fall, allowing you to deliver a devastating blow on its chest.

With most melee designs, this is the end of the fight, but spellcasters and rangers can take advantage of this moment to unleash a flurry of strikes and recover. Carry on in this manner until the boss is dead. The Blue Dancer Charm is a talisman that enhances your damage dependent on how low your equip load is after you defeat the Guardian Golem.


  1. For this battle, don’t summon any spirits. Spirits might make the monster employ more AoE attacks, which can be harmful to you. Only utilize spirits if you’re having trouble damaging the monster.
  2. Maintain as close a proximity to the boss as possible. If you stand under it, it can’t damage you much, despite its size.
  3. Even if you’re a ranged build, focus on targeting its ankles whenever feasible. This is the most common approach to get a critical hit on the monster.
  4. Heavy and leap strikes give more posture damage to the monster, making it more vulnerable to critical hits.
Guardian Golem

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