HOI4: Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands Full List 2022


Gaming industry is filled with various grand strategy games and players have a wide variety to choose from. Before talking about the Heart of Iron 4 console commands list, we would like to highlight what makes this game different from the others.

Heart of Iron 4 is a grand strategy game developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive. The game is based around World War 2 where players can control any of the countries that are a part of the game. Unlike most grand strategy games, Heart of Iron 4 gives you a lot of flexibility with even being able to use Cheat console commands among everything else.

So, in this article, we will discuss the full Heart of Iron 4 console commands list. To use any of these commands, players will have to press the “~”(tild) button that is available below the Esc button. An alternate method to open the console is Shift+2 or Shift+3. Once inside the console, just type or paste any of the following commands according to your needs.

Heart of Iron 4 Console Commands List

In the following table, the part inside ‘[]’ is where players are supposed to type the quantities according to their requirements.

Command Name & SyntaxEffect Description
gain_xp [amount]Adds experience to selected General/Leader/Admiral based on the given amount.
cp [amount]Adds Command Power(maximum 100%)
st [amount]Adds Stability (maximum 100%)
It can be removed by adding a negative amount
ws [amount]Adds War Support (maximum 100%)
A negative amount can remove the same.
allowtraitsRemoves restrictions on general traits and allows you to assign any general trait to commanders.
add_equipment [amount] [name]Adds equipment based on the values given except naval equipment. Can be removed by typing a negative value.
add_latest_equipment [amount]Adds recently unlocked/fully researched equipment according to the amount.
whitepeace [country tag] [country tag]Makes white peace among the specified countries.
teleport [province ID]Teleports the selected ship/army to the given ID.
allowdiploAllows the use of any diplomatic action without justification.
debug_nukingNuking is permitted everywhere.
instantconstructionToggles instant construction on (turns it off if it was already on).
event [event ID] [country tag]Starts the said event in the said country.
research [slot ID/ ‘all’]Researches all equipment, or the specified equipment.
research_on_icon_clickAllows you to instantly research any technology when clicked on.
annex [country tag/ ‘all’]Starts an annex with the said country.
winwarsGives your country max. war score for all the wars.
manpower [amount]Adds the said amount of manpower
add_opinion [source country tag] [target country tag]Adds an opinion from the source Country to the target Country.
tag [country tag]Switches your country to said country.
observeEnters players into observe mode where they can change basic settings.
tdebugEnables/Disables debug mode.
spawn [unit name/ID] [province ID] [amount]Spawns the said amount of unit in the said place. Requires you to add ‘-debug’ to HOI4 launch options.
occupationpaint [country tag]Turns occupation painting ON/OFF.
setowner [country tag] [state ID]Sets the owner of said state.
setcontroller [country tag] [province ID]Sets the controller of said state.
xp [amount]Adds said amount of experience to all experiences.
pp [amount]Adds the said amount of political power to your country.
civilwar [ideology] [country tag]Starts a Civil War based on said ideology.
add_party_popularity [ideology group] [amount]Adds the said amount of party popularity.
set_ruling_party [ideology group]Sets the said Ideology group as ruling party.
help [command]Prints a list of commands.
focus.autocompleteAllows instant completion of national focuses.
focus.nochecksIgnores focus requirements.
focus.ignoreprerequisitesIgnores focus prerequisites.
decision.nochecksIgnores decision requirements.
instant_prepareSkips naval invasion preparation time. Requires ‘-debug’ in HOI4 launch options.
nuke [amount]Adds the said amount of nukes to your country.
yesmanCountry accepts any diplomatic offers automatically.
rendertypePrints the render type being used.
tweakerguiOpens a tweaker GUI
add_ideas [idea name]Adds the idea to your country.
reload [file name]Reloads a file without opening or closing your game.
timePrints the current time
reloadfx [map / .fx file]Reloads the game shaders.
particle_editorOpens particle editor GUI.
testtoolOpens the testing tool.
analyzetheatresChecks all theatres in the game for errors.
massconquerOpens mass conquer tool.
deleteallunits [country tag]Deletes all units of the said country.
aircombat [scenario] [result] [province id] [airbase state id] [airbase state id] [equipment] [equipment] [equipment creator] [equipment creator]Starts an air combat at the said location from the desired country, airbase and equipment.
theatersrebuildRebuilds all existing theatres.
frontsToggles the visibility of foreign fronts.
aidumpDumps AI data.
traderoutesToggles ON/OFF trade routes.
debug_tacticsToggles ON/OFF tactic debug tooltip.
reloadsupplyReloads all the supply systems.
deltat [speed multiplier]Changes the speed of in-game animations.
building_health [building type] [state id / province id] [level] [amount]Modifies the health of any building.
nomapiconsToggles ON/OFF map icons.
nopausetextToggles ON/PFF the pause menu.
nextsongSkips to the next song in-game.
combatsound [frequency]Modifies the frequency of a random sound during combat. Must be between 1 to 50.
morehumans [amount]Adds humans to your country.
window [open / close] [gui name]Toggles ON/OFF the said GUI.
reloadinterfaceReloads the interface of the game.
reloadtechnologiesReloads technologies.
updateequipmentsReloads equipments.
updatesubunitsReloads units.
reloadoob [country tag]Reloads the order of battle for the said country.
update_loc [localisation key]Reloads localisation key.
pollPolls valid events.
pause_in_hours [hours]Pauses the game after said amount of time.
add_autonomy [country tag] [amount]Adds/Subtracts said country’s autonomy level.
testevent [event id] [character id]Tests the said ID and doesn’t trigger it.
resignResigns from current position.
add_interest [country tag]Adds the said country to your interest.
remove_interest [country tag]Removes the said country from your interest.
add_diploAdds diplomatic en route for your country.
printsynchstuffPrints the current game seed.
setrandomcount [count]Sets random count to said number.
aiToggles AI ON/OFF
human_aiToggles human AI ON/OFF
ai_invasionToggles AI for naval invasion ON/OFF
ai_acceptToggles ON/OFF whether AI will accept diplomacy or not.
fow [province id]Enables fog of war.
collisionToggles ON/OFF collision debug GUI.
savegameSaves the game.
savecheckChecks if the saving is working correctly.
ipPrints IP address.
requestgamestatePrints gamestate.
nudgeOpens nudge tool.
mapmode [mapmode id]Changes map mode to said ID.
fullscreenToggles ON/OFF fullscreen.
pricesPrints price information.
add_core [state id] [country tag]
remove_core [state id] [country tag]
Adds or removes the said state as core of the said country.
debug_zoomGame zooms in.
debug_show_event_idPrints current event ID.
Toggles ON/OFF the said setting.
flagsoutput [path]Generates and saves texture atlas file to said path.

Reloads cities.
errorPrint errors.
versionPrints the current version.
debug_achievements_clearClears all the achievements and stats. This is irreversible.
moveunit [unit id] [province id]Moves the said unit to the said ID.
spawnactor [name] [province id] [animation]Spawns an Actor.
cameraclampToggles ON/OFF the camera clamp.
guiboundsToggles ON/OFF bounds debug GUI.
reloadweather [seed]Reloads weather.
weatherToggles ON/OFF weather.
debug_air_vs_landToggles ON/OFF debug mode for air vs land combat.
mapnamesToggles ON/OFF map names.
profilelogOutputs profiling data/info.
run [file name]Runs a list of commands in the said file.
oosClient goes out of sync.
debug_crashDebugs client crashes.
sleep [duration]Pause the game for said amount of settings.
goto_province [province id]
goto_state [state id]
Center of your camera moves to the said ID.
3dstatsToggles ON/OFF 3D Stats.
hdrToggles ON/OFF HDR.
srgbToggles ON/OFF color debugging.
bloomToggles ON/OFF bloom.
nightToggles ON/OFF Night.
filewatcherToggles ON/OFF filewatcher.
createleanGenerates LEAN textures.
hsvConverts HSV to RGB.
tag_color [rgb]Sets the tag color of your country.
browser [url]Opens browser and goes to said URL.
aiviewToggles ON/OFF debug info for AI.
airealismToggles ON/OFF realistic AI for the game.
instant_wargoalLets you to apply any war goal without justification.
set_country_flag [country tag]Changes your country’s flag to said country’s flag.
set_cosmetic_tag [country tag] [country tag]Changes the name and flag of the first country to the second country.
Heart of Iron 4 Console Commands List

That’ll do for all the Heart of Iron 4 Console Commands.

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