Horizon Forbidden West: Unlock Pullcaster Grappling Hook

The sequel to the best-selling PlayStation exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, has been recently released. In the new installment Horizon: Forbidden West, you play the female protagonist, Aloy. Forbidden West takes place in a completely new part of the world and features new mechanical animals and enemies.

A newly added mechanic in Horizon: Forbidden West is the grappling hook. This item adds a platforming aspect to the game. Read this article to learn how to unlock the “Pullcaster Grappling Hook” in Forbidden West.

Aloy using the grappling hook.

How to Unlock the Pullcaster Grappling Hook

This item that Aloy uses is entirely new to this franchise. You get access to this tool during the first main exploration quest. This main quest is aptly named” Reach for the Stars.”. Explore ancient ruins with a friend in this quest.

Reach For The Stars Main Quest.

While exploring the ruins, your path will be blocked by a crumbling wall. To pull down the crumbling wall, you have to use the grappling hook. The blueprint of the grappling hook can be found on a dead body nearby. You have to collect two critical parts for the hook. The parts are: “Machine Cable” and “Machine Scrap.” These parts can be located around the campsite.

How to Use the Pullcaster Grappling Hook

After collecting all the necessary parts required to craft the grappling hook, head to the workbench. The workbench can be used to repair the grappling hook.

Using the “Pullcaster Grappling Hook” is simple. Hold down “R3” on your controller to scan your environment. Ledges you can latch the grappling hook to in your surrounding environment will glow blue after locating a ledge swap to the Pullcaster from your primary bow by holding “L2” and then pressing “triangle.” Press and hold “R2” at a ledge while aiming to latch onto it.

Highlighted Pullcaster Ledge.

The Pullcaster grappling hook is an excellent addition to the Horizon franchise. This tool will help you traverse the landscape and pull items and enemies towards you.

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