Horizon Forbidden West: How to Unlock All Rideable Mounts

unlock ridable mounts

Horizon: Forbidden West features a rich and vast open world. The map in this game is even bigger than its predecessor Horizon: Zero Dawn. Similar to Zero Dawn there are specific mechanical animals you can ride. These mounts will help you to traverse and explore the open world with much more ease. Read further to know how to unlock all rideable mounts in Horizon: Forbidden West.

All mounts in Horizon: Forbidden West

The sequel to Zero Dawn has more rideable mounts. There are a total of four mounts in the game. These mounts are Charger, Bristlebacks, Clawstrider, and, Sunwing. Sunwing is the only mount flying mount in the game. This machine is the fastest rideable mount.

Unlocking all mounts in Horizon: Forbidden West

Unlocking the several mounts in Forbidden West is a bit tricky. You will have to first complete Cauldron quests. These are underground dungeons that will give you the ability to tame the mounts.

Unlocking Charger Mount

The Charger machine resembles a ram. These can be easily tamed and can be found grazing in herds at the beginning of the game. These mounts do not have a lot of health but are swift.

Charger mount in Forbidden West.

Unlocking Bristleback

To unlock and tame this machine you have to complete the Repair Bay Cauldron. This Cauldron dungeon is located west of Plainsong. The Repair Bay Cauldron quest can be found in the Plainsong area.

Bristleback mounts in Forbidden West.

Unlocking Clawstrider

North of Scalding Spear is an IOTA Cauldron dungeon. Complete this dungeon to unlock the ability to unlock and tame a Clawstrider. These machines resemble prehistoric velociraptors and are nimble and easy to control.

Clawstrider in Forbidden West.

Unlocking Sunwing

Sunwing is the only aerial mount in Forbidden West. You have to progress through the main questline to unlock this machine. Following the main quests will lead you to the Gemini Cauldron dungeon. Completing the Gemini Cauldron quest will give you the ability to ride Sunwing.

Sunwing Mount in Forbidden West.

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