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Horizon Forbidden West Beginner guide (Class, Weapons, More)

In this article, we will look at Horizon Forbidden West. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming game.

The setting of the game:

Horizon Forbidden West picks up from 6 months following the first game-ending. Aloy discovers a new threat to her world, a mysterious red blight that threatens all life. She then travels to the forbidden west to gain insight into a solution. The forbidden west is a distant future version of the united states, and you should see the remains of Nevada and Utah.


We should be seeing more melee options and melee and range combos. I have listed some interesting powers below.

Resonator Blast:

In this attack, you charge up the sphere with melee hits, and when it is fully charged up, you can then place that energy on an enemy and shoot them with an arrow to cause some massive damage.

Valour Surge:

There will be 12 valour surge abilities that you will be able to unlock and upgrade through the skill tree. To activate this ability, you need to fill up the energy bar by getting any tactical combat XP which are usually rewarded when you get headshots or remove components from machines.

Combat and Skills:

We should also be seeing six skill trees. These are Warrior, Trapper, Survivor, Infiltrator, Hunter, and machine master. The game’s weapon wheel will offer a maximum of 6 different weapons. Other items that you can also use are adhesive grenades that stall enemies.

These special arrows strip armor and expose weak spots, launchers that fire spikes that explode on impact, Smoke bombs that temporarily blind enemies, and weapons that you can pick up after being shot by the machines. The game also includes a workbench where you can strengthen your weapons and armor.


The enemies you will encounter will be Humans, Machines, and a combination of both, So you should see different play styles work out differently against different enemies. One thing that seems to be obvious here is that the weapons have become more of a focus rather than just something you spam.


One of the new machines you will encounter is the Tremortusk, a huge, heavily armored mammoth-like beast.

Size WeaknessOverride
HeavyweightFreezeCauldron KAPPA


These baboon-like machines are highly agile and generally attack in groups.

Size Origin Override
Midweight GAIA Cauldron CHI


This loosely resembles a velociraptor, which, when downed, is possible to take over and use as a mount.

MediumCombatCauldron IOTA


This is an armadillo-like machine that rolls around at high speed.

Size Origin Override
MidweightGAIACauldron IOTA

Shell snapper:

This giant tortoise-like machine has a huge protective shell, and it usually performs dangerous water attacks.

Size Class Override
HeavyweightCombatCauldron CHI


This is more like a paradictal flying machine with solar panel wings.

Size Class Override
MidweightAcquisitionCauldron GEMINI


This is a large snake-like machine that spits venom.

Size Class Override
HeavyweightCombatCauldron KAPPA

Cool new features:

Other than new enemies, you also have the melee pit, which you can use to battle other tribespeople and an Arena where you can battle machines in a closed area with an audience.


The game also has free climbing, and you can use your focus ability to climb. This is actually for low light conditions; you can climb anyway you want without the focus feature.


This helps when you quickly and safely return to the ground from high-up areas.


This is a grappling hook that you can use to reach high-up areas and reposition yourself.


This is a new and exciting feature that lets you travel underwater. You can also meet new machines here.

Side quests:

Last but not least, we have side quests that can significantly alter your gameplay style with the rewards you get.

And that’s about what you need to know. Now you’re ready to jump in and experience this game for yourself. Let me know what you find the most exciting in all of this. I also recommend checking this video below to get a better idea.

Written by
Mansur Jurabi

Mansur is part time gamer and part time chicken nugget enthusiast. He loves putting in his time in RPG's like Skyrim. He claims that he gets all of his energy and inspiration from one man and one man only. He is linked below.

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