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Horizon Forbidden West: How to Earn Metal Shards Easily

The release of Guerrilla Games’ latest title Horizon: Forbidden West is just around the corner and the hype surrounding the game has been unreal. Ever since the game was announced players couldn’t wait to jump in and see what the sequel to the 2017 title had to offer. Well, the wait is almost over as the game is set to release on 18th February 2022.

With many players hopping in to play the new title, we are sure most of them would want to optimize their playthrough and be prepared for whatever challenges they may face in the massive world. So here we are with a guide to tell you how you can earn those sweet metal shards.

What are Metal Shards and Why you should care..

Metal shards are one of the most important resources that the players can have as these shards act as the primary form of currency in the game. Metal shards are required to buy new equipment and craft ammunition for the weapons without which you will not be able to progress through the game. These resources are not very rare but they do get used up pretty quick so be sure to stash whatever you can.

Best Ways to Earn Metal Shards

Metal shards can be earned in various ways, here are the ways you can earn metal shards-

  • Crates – One of the easiest and least time consuming way of earning these shards is by going through each and every crate you come across. During your playthrough you will see many crates and it is advisable that you dont miss any single one of them as you can get quite a few number of shards from these. The amount of shards you get from crates is random but you will get around 10 most of the times which is pretty good for such an easy task.
  • Machines– Another way that you can farm metal shards is by fighting and defeating various machines and looting them. This is a very good way to farm the metal shards as the amount of shards you get from fallen foes is more than you get from the crates mentioned above.
  • Quests – you also get metal shards for completing certain quests in the game but undoubtedly this is the least consistent way of farming the metal shards in the game as this requires a lot of effort and if your sole purpose is to grind the shards, your time will be better spent looting enemies.

    So I hope this guide will help you through your various adventures youll encounter in Horizon:Forbidden West.

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