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Horizon: Forbidden West XP Farm (Level UP Fast) Guide 2022

The sequel to the hit open-world game of 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn, has been released today. The new installment in the franchise is called Horizon: Forbidden West. This game is PlayStation exclusive.

In Horizon: Forbidden West, you play Aloy, who ventures into a new post-apocalyptic land to fight monsters and save the world. To learn how to farm XP in the game, follow this guide.

Horizon: Forbidden West XP Farming.

Aloy can reach up to the maximum level of 50. To reach this max level, you will need to complete many quests and activities. Completing side quests, defeating rebel camps etc., will give you XP. Every time Aloy levels up, you get skill points that you can use to purchase valuable skills and powers in the skill tree.

Finishing Quests.

Finishing quests are the simplest way to earn XP. There are several types of quests: Main quests, which, when completed, advance the storyline. Side quests will get you a lot of XP and allow you to explore the open world of Horizon: Forbidden West. The last type of quest is fetching quests, where you will have to collect random items for NPCs.

Destroying Rebel Camps.

Spread over the map of Horizon: Zero Dawn is enemy outposts called “Rebel Camps”. You have to destroy these camps in order to bring peace to the land. To completely destroy a rebel camp, you will need to kill its leader. Clearing out rebel camps will give huge XP boosts.

Clearing out a rebel camp.

Completing Collectable and Miscallenous Quests.

Similar to other open-world games, Horizon: Forbidden West has collectible items. The collectible items are called “Ornaments” in this game which you can receive by completing puzzle quests.

Ornaments in Forbidden West.

Open world games have a typical mechanic where you have to access a certain elevated area to unlock hidden portions of the map. In Forbidden West, you have to climb on top of a huge mechanical animal to unlock portions of the map. These tall animals can be found grazing in different areas of the map.

Tallneck in Horizon: Forbidden West.

The dungeons in this game have a little platforming gameplay. These dungeons are called Cauldrons, and completing these will give you enormous XP rewards.

Hunting Mechanical Animals.

The most exciting part of the Horizon franchise is taking down huge mechanical monsters. This activity also provides a huge XP boost. Locate monsters that are closer to your level and take them down to earn XP.

Hunting monsters in Forbidden West.

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