How Alcohol Addiction Affects Your Player In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has unique ways of surviving its wasteland, ranging from self-buff with mutations to even downing some liquid courage for giving a boost. Consuming alcohol is an option here and consuming too much can actually lead to alcohol addiction which is something nobody wants and may want to avoid in the game too. This article will throw light on how this game mechanic works and what to bare in mind while dealing with alcohol in Fallout 76.

For those who know about the Fallout franchise, addiction as a game mechanic isn’t really a new concept as previous titles also had drug overdoses along with alcohol overuse. If consumed in the right way, alcohol actually has benefits in fallout 76 like increasing your character’s strength, endurance, and even AP generation. It strongly depends on what alcohol you are using linking to what bonus you might end with afterwards.

Each time your character consumes alcohol the risk of becoming addicted increases as every type of alcohol has about a 15 per cent chance of making you addicted which is not really good as it leads to one point deduction in both agility and charisma.

curing alcohol addiction in fallout 76

Sure there is a method to overcome this addiction! Here are the three ways to cure an alcohol addiction:


Fallout 76 Addictol

Addictol is a chemical that will cure all addictions which your character is experiencing or affected with and is well known to work on alcohol too.


rad scorpion omelet

The rad scorpion egg omelette meal has similarities with the addiction in terms of addiction removal, the only difference being that it cures only one random addiction and not necessarily all.


Professional Drinker perk

The professional drinker perk card will not cure the addiction to alcohol but will make you immune to it. You can avoid alcohol addiction by equipping this so that your character will always stay sober.

side benefits

This game mechanic of getting addicted to alcohol can be used to your advantage. The Junkie legendary effect after upgrading your works increases the weapon damage for each addiction that is affecting your character.

Hence, your damage is up by 10 per cent for each addiction up to a total of five for a 50 per cent damage bonus. You can also add the party girl or party boy perk card to increase the effects the alcohol has on your character and your weapon to yield a very powerful damage bonus!

Check out the game here –

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