How Broods Work In Tower Of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy 1

In the realm of Tower of Fantasy, there are many different things to interact with, including puzzles, monsters, and various objects. More of these items are now available for you to engage with thanks to the Miasmic Swamp, with Broods being one of the more perplexing of them.

Large egg-shaped structures called broods look like they serve no purpose. Of course, it is up until you approach them properly. You will be able to know how broods function in Tower of Fantasy by reading this guide.

interacting with Broods in Tower of Fantasy

As you move through the Miasmic Swamp, broods are pretty simple to locate. These enormous structures resemble green eggs and are frequently surrounded by smaller eggs. A Brood will inform you that you require a Revelation Seed in order to communicate with it as you approach it.


Although you might already have the necessary elemental ore on hand, you will also need to acquire certain elemental ores in order to activate a brood. You can find Revelation Seeds by looking around Titan Konjac roots. Interacting with Purification Systems will grant you any necessary immunity to the poison they release. Bring your seed to a Brood once you have one.

To learn how to interact with Purification Systems, see <link to purification systems article once published>.

The Brood will ask you if you wish to spend any of the following ores when you engage with it:


The enemy that spawns from the Brood depends on the type of ore you use. Lower-tier boss foes that spawn might be quite challenging to defeat on your own if your CS rating hasn’t increased. You can use a Germinated Revelation Seed to disable the Titan Konjac roots and stop them from spewing poison by defeating the creature that spawns.

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