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How to Beat Vanadis in God of War Ragnarok: Boss Fight Guide

The famous boss in the God of War Ragnarok called vanadis is also known as Freya, the witch of the woods, and was also called Frigg in the old god of war title in 2018 as a supporting character. She is a vanis goddess who helps Kratos and Atreus on their journey.

She is the daughter of Njord who is an ex-wife of Odin and the estranged mother of Baldur who is the sister of Freyr. Vanadis in this game is the tertratagonist in the god of war Ragnarok who is attempting to seek vengeance against Krator for killing Baldur. Although she is terrifying, she still forgives him later on in the story.

As the leader of the Vanir, Freya is an extremely powerful god amongst other Vanir gods who is quite a handful too in terms of combat with abilities not for the faint-hearted. Keep reading to know the right moves and abilities for bringing her down.

how to defeat vanadis boss effectively

Vanadis is a vicious attacker and will not let you rest even for a second, so it’s recommended to keep moving about the area. This tactic will not allow her to land all attacks on you continuously and will allow you to assess her patterns before launching countermeasures.

The area where the boss fight takes place has a lot of obstacles like trees, shrubs, and rocks. Use them to your advantage as a barricade to avoid taking heavy damage directly. The initial few minutes are just pattern-based attacks; all you have to do is dodge and endure until a checkpoint comes in the middle of the fight.

Till half time try to conserve your health bar by only defending yourself and looking for an opportunity and land a counterattack. this stuns her for a moment and gives you a chance to utilize her vulnerability. Just try not to die when you reach the middle checkpoint.

Out of the blue, she will have several possible attacks in her abilities and the most common once you will see are the ranged attacks in which her hand will glow while and will shoot purple glowing arrows in your character’s direction.

When she is overwhelmed, she also uses her falcon wings to block your melee attacks and while doing so she will execute a follow-up attack which you have to doge anyhow to avoid large damage.

You can parry this attack and stun her temporarily for a few moments again making her vulnerable to your attacks. Use these windows to unleash all you have in one go to take out a major chunk of her HP before again entering into defence mode. Also, beware of her AoE attacks and keep yourself out of her range when she executes one.

After depleting three chunks of her health bar, a cut scene occurs where Kratos is carried and smashed to the other side of the house. Congratulations! You have reached a checkpoint!

If you notice closely, you will now be able to swap your rage fury with Valor which will heal you and then boost your attack. This is a sign that she is now stronger and you really would need a support element along with the fact that your usage with health stones is now limited, hence the Valor skill swap.

At this stage, you are really close to defeating this boss, the only thing you have to be careful of is a new kind of attack involving poison trap circles. Make sure to avoid them or you will take in a lot of HP loss as long as you are standing within them.

Everything else remains the same, so continue whatever we discussed till now and the win is yours!

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