How To Become An Actor In BitLife (Movie Star aswell)?

So, you’ve fired up a game of Bitlife, which is a life-simulator game on mobile, and you aspire to become an actor. Well, it’s definitely not an easy task and is one of the harder jobs to acquire in the game, but with patience and determination, and of course this guide, you can do it in no time.

Bitlife is a great life-simulator that dives into various different kinds of career paths like Acting, Modeling, Politics, being a criminal, etc. It has a proper path for every type of career and you can’t just choose whatever you want for your character and still pursue your desired path. Hence, Bitlife really is like real life in some aspects. So, here’s how you can become an actor in Bitlife.

Become an Actor in Bitlife

Well, the first thing you need to do if you want to achieve this goal is to stop playing your current game and start a new one. Yes, Bitlife truly takes the phrase “You’re born an actor” seriously. When you’re starting a new save to achieve your dream to become an actor in Bitlife, make sure you have really high stats, especially in Looks. If your character doesn’t have over 70 in looks, then just go ahead and reroll the account.

Once you’ve found the perfect character with the highest look stats, happiness, smart, etc. also being fairly high, you can finally start on your journey. Early life and education do not matter for this role. You can finish high school and get a degree in Arts, Social Science, etc. but it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you keep your looks high.

After finishing high school, to embark on the journey to becoming an actor in Bitlife, you have to start by looking for a “VoiceOver Actor” job. Head over to the job tabs and look for a job mentioned. It doesn’t matter which studio/film it’s for. If you can’t find a job like that, which can happen due to a lack of vacancies, you can just restart the game to have a fresh set of job listings until you find one.

And that’s it, once you’ve gotten a voiceover Actor job, if you’ve done well maintaining your stats, soon you will become an actor in Bitlife by getting promotions. You will be promoted to an Actor, then a lead actor, and then even a movie star!

All of this sounds very enticing, doesn’t it? Being an actor, always covered by fans and the paparazzi. Well, here are a few tips to make your journey to become an Actor in Bitlife even easier.

Tips to Become an Actor in Bitlife

First of all, while early life doesn’t matter much, there is only one thing that you need to be attentive about. Don’t do anything that harms your looks. This includes getting into fights in bully events, not working hard during school, and going to the doctor if you have any disease immediately. You can also upgrade your look stat by going to the gym and walking every time you can. The look stat needs to be over 85 for you to be able to become an actor in Bitlife.

Once you’ve gotten a Voiceover Actor’s job, you need to maintain your fame and popularity as well. Make a social media account, interact with your fans, be regular and attend interviews on TV. This will help your fame boost a lot and make it easier for you to get the required promotions.

That is all on how to become an actor in Bitlife. Even though it doesn’t matter, still try not to let the fame get to your head. It’s still a game after all.

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