Roblox: How to Change Roblox Group Name Easily (2022)

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If you ever wanted to change your Rolbocx Group name before and tried, you have noticed there is no way to change the Roblox group name, if you are an owner. This was the missing feature by Roblox developers.

But, on January 05, 2022, The Roblox developers have announced this great news about the Roblox Group name change, which will blow your mind if you are a Roblox group owner and wanted to change the name.

Group Name Change Feature in Roblox

The New Feature in Roblox is out now, this will allow you to change your Roblox group name as an owner, which comes with lots of opportunities now with the Roblox groups, which were not available earlier.

There are some rules which are needed to be followed, keep these in your mind if you want to customize the group name –

  • Changing the name of a group costs 100 Robux.
  • Every 90 days, you can modify the name of a group.
  • A message will be sent to each member of your group advising them of the name change.
  • After 90 days, your group’s prior name will be recycled and ready for use.
  • When a group’s ownership changes, it can’t alter its name for 90 days.

How to Change Roblox Group Name?

Follow these steps to easily change your account name, without doing much –

  1. Visit Roblox Official Site here
  2. Go to Groups on the Left side
  3. Move to the Configure Group page
  4. Click the Edit button close to your Group name
  5. Enter a new Group name
  6. Confirm the name, and Pay 100 Robux to Proceed
  7. Done! You have successfully changed your Group name

The Name you changed can take some time to reflect back on the site, so you can check it later if the name is still not changed. Also Hovering over the Previous Group Name text on the group information page, as well as on group search cards, will bring up a list of previous group names.

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