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Elden Ring: How to defeat Margit The Fell Omen Easily

Margit is the first inevitable boss you’ll likely face as you go through Elden Ring. They may be found on the route between Stormhill and Stormveil Castle. They’ll come crashing down from the skies to sabotage your ambitions and ambitions. Return the fight to Margit and show them who’s in charge. In Elden Ring, here’s how you defeat Margit the Fell Omen.

Monsters in Elden Ring will have a variety of attributes that make them vulnerable to some forms of harm while resistive or resistant to others. Furthermore, some regions may prohibit all conjuring, forcing you to fight with the enemy on your own. Many enemies, on the other hand, maybe completely avoidable.

How to defeat Margit The Fell Omen

How To Beat Margit The Fell Omen?(Suggestions)

You’ll need to spend a lot of time memorizing Margit the Fell Omen’s powers in order to challenge him in Elden Ring. Following are some approaches for defeating Margit:

  1. Rather of running away from Margit, make a U-turn toward him.
  2. Bait assaults that you can simply defend against.
  3. If required, retreat behind your armor.
  4. Distract Margit with Spirit Ashes.


Phase One Attack:

Margit goes through two stages. During phase one, individuals will be subjected to various attacks from a range of equipment. Margit’s staff is the most obvious threat. Margit’s staff will be swung about a lot. Fortunately, because these attacks are sluggish, they are easier to foresee. Keep an eye out for Margit spinning to strike with their tail.

Margit will strike or rush at you if you come too close. It’s easy to predict these strikes. If Margit chooses to charge you, be aware that they will strike twice, with the second assault being more difficult to time. Margit’s last weapon will be a magical dagger. They usually toss this blade when Margit calls it. It generally happens after a series of strikes from their staff or if you go too close to them.

Phase Two Attack:

Margit’s assaults tend to stay the same in phase two. Nevertheless, they will be given a new weapon. This type of weapon is a magical hammer that, like the dagger, they can summon. You’ll see a little gathering of energy surrounding their left side, as it calls the hammer. Keep this in mind when dodging its assaults in the second phase since it might occur at any time during the attack combination.

Margit’s leaping hammer smash is the final assault you must dodge. Occasionally, they will jump into the air and bash their hammer into the pavement. This has a wide AOE radius and may do much damage if you’re not careful. Remember that step two will begin when Margit is roughly 50% healthy.

Attacks to avoid:

  1. Tail swipe: You’ll be safe for a few seconds if you’re standing close behind Margit after he finishes an attack combination, but then he’ll presumably execute a spinning attack with his tail to knock you down. It comes out quickly, so be prepared.
  2. Magic blade: Margit typically fights with two weapons during the first part of the fight: the staff in his right hand and a bright, magical sword (which nevertheless delivers physical damage) he conjures in his left. Even though the staff strike is a sluggish, heavy blow, Margit summons the blade to perform a rapid, close-range combination, even though he appears to be recovering from the staff attack. This was the most troublesome strike since he constantly utilized it. To be cautious, don’t try to land many attacks before ducking or raising your shield.
  3. Blade throw: Margit enjoys summoning two of those magical swords and throwing them at you as you step back to recover. Strafe side-to-side every time you have some distance to sip from your flask so he can’t hit you. If you’re prepared, they’re simple to avoid.
How to defeat Margit The Fell Omen
  1. Combos: Margit’s unexpected combination techniques are the most hazardous aspect of this match. He’ll strike once or twice, and on other occasions, he’ll use a spinning assault to create a multi-hit pattern. If you believe you can get out of range of the staff, block or dodge backwards instead of attacking him. Because he’ll swing numerous times in succession, I believe blocking is the best method.
  2. Hammer leap: This is Margit’s most potent attack, but it also provides the best opportunity for you to land a few strikes if you dodge correctly. Margit will conjure a big luminous hammer with his left hand after his health has reached roughly 60%. He’ll smash it at you from close range, but once you acquire some space, he’ll switch to a jumping overhead strike. You would like to set him up, then slide towards him at the last possible minute, avoiding the contact and landing just in front of Margit. This will allow you a few seconds of peace to wreak havoc on him.

How to defeat Margit?

Attempt to get behind Margit at the start of the bout. This will let you stay out of harm’s path while still allowing you to deliver an attack. Don’t be too sparse in your assaults. Margit enjoys launching fast strikes and will not hesitate to counter them.

Hit Margit with one or two attacks when you have an opportunity, then back off. If you have a spirit summon, you can utilize it to draw attention to get some more strikes in.

If you do enough hit soon sufficient, Margit can be confused. Try to use both hands on your weapon to deliver the massive damage. To avoid taking harm and make it simpler to sneak behind them, stay on Margit’s right side (the side with the staff).

When employing ranged strikes, try to put as much distance between you and Margit as possible. Margit isn’t frightened about closing the distance. The combat will be finished shortly if you stay on the run.

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