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Elden Ring: How to defeat Soldier of Godrick

Elden Ring defeat Soldier of Godrick

Soldier of Godrick is one of the numerous monsters you’ll face in Elden Ring; beating them benefits you with a variety of things, notably Runes, the game’s main currency. Soldier of Godrick may be located near Fringefolk Hero’s Grave in Limgrave.

So, how do you beat the Godrick Solider? Don’t be concerned; consult this advice! During their journeys in Elden Ring, gamers will face a slew of foes. The Soldier of Godrick is one such boss in the game. In this tutorial, I’ll outline all of the strategies for defeating this boss.

About Soldier of Godrick:

Soldier of Godrick is a Boss in Elden Ring found in/at Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. Godrick’s Soldier is a giant knight with a colorful tabard. He has a long, strong sword, which he utilizes to deliver ferocious, fast attacks. By continuing up the stairs and beyond the Site of Grace, you may avoid Soldier of Godrick.

Soldier of Godrick Boss Fight Guide:

The first boss you’ll face in the game is the Godrick Solider. By leaping down at the entryway instead of walking through the exit door, he may be located in the Fringefolk’s Hero Grave region. You’ll come to a misty door that leads to an enormous battlefield in the game. Because he introduces the game’s boss battle concepts, he is easily destroyed. It’s worth noting that you can’t utilize any unique goods or magic to get an advantage over him.

The monster wields a hefty sword, making most of his actions simple to anticipate. Nevertheless, be wary of his three-hit combo strikes; he may appear to hit you once but then execute the combination attack unexpectedly. Because he is the game’s initial boss, you may beat him by repeating your strikes, even if he strikes you many times. You may also employ him to perform some of your skills in the game, such as parry dodge and counterattack.

It’s also challenging to keep your gap since he’ll charge at you, and you’ll have to evade his assaults. Almost all of his assaults are vertical; he will swing his sword in the ground before turning it above; thus, you must avoid him vertically. Because he is the game’s initial boss, you should have little trouble defeating him.

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