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Elden Ring: How to defeat Stone Digger Troll

The boss Stone digger Troll resides in the Limgrave Tunnels underground, containing lots of Glinstone Scrap for you to acquire. Elden Ring is a forthcoming survival RPG that follows the player on their mission to repair the titular Elden Ring and eventually become the Elden Lord. It will be released on February 25th and will have several bosses and foes for the player to fight. This walkthrough will walk you through defeating the Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring.

Therefore, while the Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring might be overwhelming, here are some ideas for defeating it. You will receive a beautiful prize for completing the dungeon if you do so

Stone Digger Troll

About Stone Digger Troll:

The Stonedigger Troll is among the alternative enemies; however, it’s firmly advisable due to its several perks. It would help if you went to a mine in Elden Ring to enhance your armaments with Smithing Stone Shards, but the monster will defend it. Make sure you’re prepared since this might be a rough struggle. You’ll also get a reward for your labor.


The boss tutorial for the Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring focuses on making the most of the sluggish attacks:

  1. Stick to the back of the creature.
  2. Use the Stonedigger Troll’s healing time to your advantage.
  3. If you’re hit, don’t freak out.

When fighting the Stonedigger Troll, it’s important to keep behind it as much as possible. You’ll be able to avoid any swipes or grabs if you do it this way. It also puts you in a much better position to attack the creature’s hind legs.

Keep an eye out for any stomps while you’re below him since they might stun you and leave you exposed to a follow-up strike. It can only perform three attacks in a single episode.


Offensive Approach:

In this, stealth and combat abilities will prove to be very helpful. Sneak up behind the creature and snag a few hits before sliding to the side to evade his assaults. You’ll discover that the monster’s vulnerable spot is their legs after you’ve been striking them for a time. The Troll will stagger and collapse over if you do damage there. When the Stonedigger Troll falls forward, use a critical strike on him.

Defensive Approach:

The Stonedigger Troll is a powerful hitter, and while it may appear challenging to avoid in the cramped space, it’s relatively simple. Melee combat is your most excellent option, so keep your defenses up. To dodge his foot crushing, strike, back away or roll over to his other foot. It depletes a lot of HP thus, having a Flask or two on hand to replace your health is a brilliant idea.


You will get the Dragonscale Blade as a reward for your achievements. It’s a Katana with decent power, quickness, and reach, but it requires a significant deal of Faith to utilize. It allows you to employ the Hailstorm Blade talent, which adds lightning and ice effects to your sword while dropping a bolt at the casting spot.

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