How to do Solo vs Squad in Free Fire(Tips and Tricks)

Free Fire, also known as Grena Free Fire is a battle royal game. It is developed and published by Garena on IOS and Android. This game was initially released on 30 September 2017. It grossed around $1 Billion in November 2019.

It also received an award for the “Best Popular Vote Game” in 2019 by Google Play Store. This game became the most downloaded game in 2019. It has reached global users of around 80 million active users.

In this solo vs squad guide, we will talk about various tips and tricks that will help you dominate the lobby and get that “BOOYAH!” you have been trying hard to earn in the solo vs squad lobby.

How to play Solo vs Squad in Free Fire

With this mode, you can improve your reaction time in difficult situations when you face several enemies at once. To play solo vs squad in Free Fire follow the steps:

Step 1: In the main menu you will find the options change mode on the top right corner. Click on it to change the game mode.

Step 2: There are three different modes: Solo, Duo, Squad. Select the Squad option from the given menu.

Step 3: Disable the Auto match option above the start button. This will disable other players from joining your team.

Step 4: Select your map and start your match. You have now entered a solo vs squad match.

How to do Solo Vs Squad in Free Fire : Tips And Tricks

Use the below tips to help you understand the game and do a solo vs squad victory and get a “BOOYAH!”.

Get Scanner

Free Fire solo vs squad tips and tricks  Scan

In Free Fire, Scanner helps you find opponents. You can equip scan in the main menu on the left side of the start button. When you click on the plus sign a dialog box will appear and you will find the scan icon on the dialog box.

What Scan does is that it highlights nearby enemies. This is very useful when you are landing in a solo vs squad match. With its help, you can easily see where another squad is landing and you should try to land a little ahead or far from them.

When you land a little ahead or far from them you get enough time to loot and replenish yourself with supplies with which you can easily do a solo vs squad. So use scan and try to get good supplies and guns before fighting a squad.

Understand the Surrounding

Free Fire solo vs squad tips and tricks  Surroundings

Surrounding plays a key role in your victory and winning crucial battles. Whenever you are in a fight, try to use cover as much as possible. What this does is that it helps you understand the battlefield and what the enemy is doing.

If you are too hasty to fight your opponent face to face without using your surrounding then most probably you might lose a lot of health and since it’s a solo vs squad other teammates might rush you and kill you instantly.

Surrounding like walls, trees, boxes, gloo walls, and even chairs can help you in one way or another. So try to use these objects as your cover and jump the enemy at the right time to dominate him and kill him instantly.

Keep Eye On The Map

Free Fire solo vs squad tips and tricks  minimap

Footsteps are important for any fps game. Minimap is the key to know the enemy’s location. With the help of the minimap, you can easily tell where the enemy is or from where he is coming from as you can easily see his direction marked on the map.

This helps you counter the enemy without him knowing that you are already there and were prepared for his attack. Also, check minimap when you are pushing an enemy they might also be camping and you might be unprepared for their attack.

Movement Speed

Free Fire solo vs squad tips and tricks  movement speed

Movement Speed is a key important factor with which we can improve the win ratio of a fight and turn it into our own victory. The key word Movement Speed refers to how fast you use your movement to encounter your enemy.

This also helps in fleeing from an intense fight where multiple enemies jump on you and you try to find your way out and understand the situation. In this way, you can easily find your way out to heal yourself and develop some tactics for encountering your enemy.

Patience is the key

Free Fire solo vs squad tips and tricks  patience

Patience is always the key in any survival game. What I mean by this is that you need to be very patient enough to understand your surrounding and when to take action and when not. This helps you for better action and better counterattack.

Suppose you are in a situation where you see an enemy and you don’t know where his teammates are or whether he is the last one alive or if he is also doing solo vs squad. Here look for the surrounding and then check for the teammates and shoot him down when he is not on his guard.

Unlock and Use Chrono

Free Fire solo vs squad tips and tricks  chrono

Chrono is a character in Free Fire. His abilities are very usefull when you use it in a right way. His ability is Time Turner. What this does is that it creates a force field that can block the enemy damage. You can fire from inside the force field but the enemy bullet from outside will not hit you.

It also increases your movement speed inside the force field. You can use this ability when multiple enemies are rushing you. In this way you can use chrono as a shield and kill opponents easily. Chrono has 6 levels unlock them all to get the best of it.

Never Loot in Public or Be in Open Land

Free Fire solo vs squad tips and tricks loot in open

The worst thing you can do in a solo vs squad match is that running in a open land with no cover or looting in an open field with no cover. You never know when an enemy might appear or where he is camping.

So keep this in mind never loot in an open area and never run in an open field. Whenever you are looting try to always crouch, get back up and repeat. While rotating try to change locations using cover.

Follow These Tips in your next Solo vs Squad Free Fire Match and Defeat Opponents easily.

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