How to Fast Travel in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo is just a few days away from being released, the unique premise of the game and the supernatural Tokyo setting have created a lot of anticipation and hype around the game.

The game also features a pretty big map for the players to explore, which has left many players wondering whether or not the game will feature a fast travel mechanic.

Ghostwire Tokyo does in fact has a fast travel mechanic and today we will show you how you can fast travel in the game.

How to Fast Travel

Fast travel in Ghostwire Tokyo is very easy and convenient to use once you unlock it. To unlock fast travel, you will have to complete the mission Clearing The Fog mission in Chapter 2 of the game.

Once you complete this mission you will be able to travel to specified points called Torii Gates. The Torii gats are the fast travel points of Ghostwire Tokyo and allow players to travel from one Torii Gate to another.

Torii gates also reveal a part of the map which would otherwise be covered in fog. The game features a lot of Torii gates and once you discover the majority of them, traveling should be no problem since almost every part of the map would be accessible through fast travel.

To find out the location of these Torii gates you can refer to the guide on our website ‘Ghostwire Tokyo: All Torii Gate location’.

We hope this guide helps you out on your journey through the haunted city of Tokyo in Ghostwire Tokyo releasing on 25th March 2022.

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