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[Fix] How to Fix All Errors with Epic Games Launcher | 100% working

Epic Games is everyone’s faviorate mostly if you play Fortnite, Rocket League, GTA 5 or any other game, but it also display some sort of random errors or bugs sometime. To fix all of these Errors in Epic games launcher some sort of fix is required, follow this post from start to end to get all errors fixed.

After checking most of the Errors with the Launcher we are providing some effective solutions which will fix all your Launcher related problems isntantly.

Epic Games Launcher Not Working? [Epic games error 0xc00007b]

If you get some of the basic launcher problems, you can start with fixing simple windows related issues or driver issues. Make sure you are using the latest windows build as well as the Epic games.

Some Effective Fixes for basic launcher start problems are listed below –

Method 1 : Deleting the Webcache Folder

The Error can be caused by the Epic Launcher corrupted files, which might be blocking your launcher to run properly, These are the temporary files which is automatically generated by the Epic Games Launcher.

To fix this –

Go to C:\Users\Nik\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher Location
Simply delete the Web Cache or Saved Folder permanently.
After that, Restart your PC

Method 2 : Force Close Epic Games Launcher

The Problem maybe because of some random files merging with the launcher or it should be another application. This can cause the launcher to run or start properly. To fix this Simply force close the launcher.

To Force close the launcher –

Go to Task Manager ( Press Ctrl+Shift+ Esc)
and Find Epic Games Launcher, Right click End Process.

Method 3 : Fix Launcher Property

The Problem can still exist if the launcher is set to some other startup settings, or it is allowed with some permissions which is not allowing it to start properly. The Problem is easy to fix, and this is very much effective for most of the players.

To fix this

Go to Epic Games Launcher shortcut (on Desktop)
Right Click -> Properties
Hover to Shortcut Tab
Paste the code -OpenGL after a giving a space

Method 4 : Fix Launcher Compatibility

This Problem is same as from the method 3, Launcher is set to some instructions which can be the reason for a error running the launcher. To fix so –

(Same as Method 3)
To fix this

Go to Epic Games Launcher shortcut (on Desktop)
Right Click -> Properties
Hover to Shortcut Tab, Paste the code -https=wininet after a giving a space
Now Hover to Compatibility Tab
Click Change High DPI Settings Then Tick the Override High DPI scaling behaviour and choose “application” there.

Method 5 : Clean Temporary Files

Cleaning Temporary files are very much handy if the windows is having heavy duty with the other applications also some junks gets stored as a temporary file on your windows. Cleaning those files can fix your launcher problems very quick.

To fix this

Go to Run (Windows key + R)
Search for %temp% and Delete all the files there.
Again Search for prefetch and Delete all the files.

These are the Temporary files which is auto generated when using the applications in windows, they are safe to remove.

Method 6 : Reinstall Epic Games Launcher

If you are still getting issues with launcher, the Last and very effective Option to Fix the Launcher Problem is to comepletely reinstall the Epic games launcher.

To do so –

Go to Start, Seach Control Panel
Find the Epic Games Launcher from the list and Uninstall it. (Uninstall Programs in Windows 10 Tutorial)
Now Install the Launcher from start (How to Install Epic Games on Windows 10?)

That was all about the Epic games Launcher Error fixes, if you are getting more errors, feel free to comment down, we will add the those errors fixes soon. Also tell us did we saved your time by fixing the errors and which method works for you. Share with your friends and needy ones.

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Nikhil Kumar

Nikhil Kumar is a Future Gaming site Professional writer who focus more on Game guides, Error Fixes, and some interesting How-to posts for needy ones. Detailed and Unique posts are always coming from me and written in easy language for better understanding.

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