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How to Fix White Light and Other Issues in PS5 Console

Light plays a major role in the Playstations, you can check your PS5 connectivity if it’s working properly or not, just by checking its light color, every color on PS5 represents different output, which you need to know.

If your PS5 shows white light but does not work or respond? Well, this can be the White screen of death which is very common nowadays, do not worry, we are covering these issues for you, read this article from the start till the end, to fix all the light errors in PS5.

What are the Power indicator lights on PlayStation 5

There are Power Indicator Lights on the Playstation devices, which you can get to know from the official Playstation site here, or check the list from below to understand –

No LightPowered off
Blue Light then turns whitePowering On
Solid White LightPowered On
Blinking White Light Powering Off
Solid OrangeRest Mode
Blinking OrangeApproaching Rest Mode
Solid /Blinking BlueConsole Error
Pulsing Red LightOverheating Issue
Data from Playstation Support

How to Fix White Solid Light on Playstation 5?

Follow these steps by which you can fix any problem related to the lights in Playstation 5, There can be HDCP handshake issues in Playstation that can lead to many issues, Check each step one by one, in the order to fix the issues –

Force Restart the PS5

The First basic Fix you can try is to Force Restart the Console, this can clear any stuck option in the console and will work properly after restarting it properly from the scratch. To do so –

  • Hold Power Button for 10 to 15 seconds
  • White Light will start to turn off
  • Wait for the console to turn off completely
  • Now Start the Console Normally

Unplug your TV or Monitor

Now, if the first method doesn’t work try to Unplug the console from the main power and leave it for a minute, you can also Unplug your connected screen (Monitor) to see the changes.

  • Flip your Console and Unplug from wall outlet
  • Now Unplug your Monitor as well
  • Plug everything and start the console

Turn on Safe Mode in PS5

If there is a resolution error on Playstation, between your TV Monitor and the PlayStation, you will need to fix that asap.

To do so you need to go to the Safe mode in the PS5 or if you do not want to go in safe mode you can also use the Mobile App method. Also, you will be needed your controller to access the Safe Mode.

  • Press and Hold the Power button until you listen 2 beep sounds
  • Wait for the console to shut down
  • Plug the USB Cable into front of console
  • And Plug other end to the controller
  • Now, wait for the Console to load
  • Select the option -> Change Video Output and -> Change Resolution.

Try out new HDMI cable

If nothing works for you now, you may check the HDMI cable for the fault, you can check your HDMI cable if this is the reason for the issue.

  • Try different hdmi ports
  • Try new HDMI cable
  • Try different ports with the new hdmi cable


By Going into the Safe mode, you can fix any screen, connectivity-related issues in the Playstation 5. And if you fixed everything, you will see the while light in a good condition which represents everything is working now.

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