Halo Infinite: Fix Your Account is not Authorized (PC and Xbox)

halo infinite how to fix account not authorized

Halo Infinite Flight 2 is causing problems like Your fix account is not Authorized, and players cannot play the game even when the Flight is out and running.

Many of the players, me included, have tried to log in to the game and have the same error. It’s frustrating but doesn’t worry. We have an easy fix for you So that you can play Halo Infinite without any problems.

How to Fix Account is not Authorized in Halo Infinite PC

Please follow the steps given below carefully and in the specific order give Otherwise. You can do the process all over again. This will remove the error “Account is Not Authorized” and let your play Halo.

  1. If you are getting the error close your game do ALT + F4.
  2. After that simply search %temp% and delete everything there.
  3. Now restart your PC.
  4. After that open steam first not the game.
  5. Now run the game.
  6. Now login using your xbox account while doing that it will ask you for a continue screen.
  7. As soon as you click continue start clicking your mouse left click while the game is loading (click near the weapon on the background) keep clicking 10-15 times you will head a sound of click this means its working. now stop and wait for 5 seconds nd the game will load.

If this method is not working for you, try attempting it 3-4 times, and it will do the job, but for me, it worked on the first try. I tested this on my friend PC as well, and it worked fine for him as well.

Fix Account is not Authorized in Halo Infinite on Xbox

Follow the steps given below carefully in the order given to make this fix work on your Xbox. This will remove the error once and for all. If, by any chance, you experience the error again on your second startup, then do the steps again.

  1. First launch your Halo Infinite, it should say Start Game.
  2. Before clicking this, Simply disconnect your router or wifi.
  3. When you are disconnect click the start buton.
  4. You will see a new message now.
  5. Somply connect your wifi back again.
  6. Done, It should now work fine.

Thanks for reading the article. I hope it fixed your problem regarding the game. Enjoy Halo and Have a nice day.

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1 month ago

Finally something that worked, Thanks man I was able to play the game

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