Halo Infinite: How to Flag Juggle Like a Pro (PC & Controller)

how to flag juggle in halo infinite

This guide will tell you the fastest way to juggle flags in CTFs like a Pro in Halo Infinite. By using this method, you can capture the flag of your opponents in minutes. Flag Juggle in Halo Infinite is an essential skill to learn because you can win more and more games for CTF and get ranked up quicker.

This guide is created for both Controller and Keyboard + Mouse Players so that everyone can learn how to juggle flags properly in Halo Infinite. Simply follow the guide given below.

How to Juggle Flag in Halo Infinite (Fast)

The fundamentals of flag juggling in halo infinite start with dropping the flag and picking it back again as fast as possible to do that, you need to check the drop key for your controller or your PC.

The default key to drop the flag in CTF is the “Y” button for Controller players and the “V” key on your keyboard for PC Players. You can always bind these keys to something different and comfortable.

Now that you know how to drop a flag, all you have to do is spam the drop key and the flag pickup key simultaneously so that you can juggle the flag and don’t get killed by your opponents.

There are two ways to run while flag juggling:

  1. Juggle + Jump and Repeat.
    • This will help you to cover great distance and let your move faster and you dont need to spam your keys that harder. You can use pass the flag to your friends using this.
  2. Keep on Juggling without jumps.
    • In this you dont have to jump you just juggle the flag at a closer distance which can be faster and most pros use this method. But you have to spam your keys faster to do this.

A Basic Example of How Flag Juggling in Halo Infinite Looks Like

Benefits of Flag Juggle in Halo Infinite

  • Faster Movements.
  • Can pass flag to your friends easily.
  • Move Faster around the map.
  • Makes it harder for your opponents to spot you.
  • Makes you a harder to hit target.

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