How To Get And Use Moonstones In Hogwarts Legacy (Location)

The moonstone is a valuable item in Hogwarts Legacy for those who care about the customization and aesthetics of their Room of Requirement.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Room of Requirement, it is a kind of place that becomes what you want it to be. It is meant to serve your requirements. You get to house and breed creatures, grow plants, brew potions, upgrade your gear, and do a lot more. The moonstone comes into the picture when you want to decorate the place.

What moonstones are for in Hogwarts Legacy?

Once you have unlocked the Room of Requirement by playing the main storyline, decorative items such as furniture in the room can be bought with moonstones, which is what makes them valuable.

You can further alter the appearance of some furniture too, using the same gems. The more moonstones you have, the more control you’ll have over the appearance of your Room of Requirement.

Where to find moonstones?

Moonstones in Hogwarts Legacy
Moonstone ore in Hogwarts Legacy

Moonstones are scattered across the wilderness in Hogwarts Legacy. You’ll find blue crystal clusters poking through the ground in areas near hills, caves, cliffs, and other rocky areas. Based on this information alone, you can use your intuition and explore places to find the ore.

Once you have located the crystal veins, you’ll have to mine them to get the actual moonstones. You can do this by hitting it with your attack, and the ore will turn into moonstones which you can then collect. You can then use these moonstones to buy decorative items to place in your Room of Requirement.

Tip: In case there are items in the room which you do not want or like, you can destroy them using the Evanesco spell to recover the moonstones spent on purchasing them.

If you have progressed in the game and have acquired the blueprint for the Material Reffiner by buying it from Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade, then you can build and place one in your Room of Requirement. The refiner will then create the moonstones for you and you would not have to go out searching for them in the wild. Note: you need 15 moonstones to get your hands on the Material Refiner, so this won’t be possible if you’re only starting to collect the moonstones now.

Now that you know what the moonstones can be used for and how to find them, you can have fun customising the Room of Requirements according to your taste and personality. While regular missions and objectives are fun, customization and adding a personal touch to a place in another world is an aspect that most gamers truly love about RPG games.

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