Roblox: How to get CharliXCX Hologram Free Accessory 2022

charliXCX roblox guide

ROBLOX Samsung Superstar Galaxy Event has been started, and here we have a guide for you which gives you a free Roblox Accessory – CharliXCX Hologram. So Make sure to get this accessory within the time perioid.

CHARLI XCX WILL BE IN CONCERT ON FRIDAY, JUNE 17TH AT 7PM EST. Here we have added guide for getting the CharliXCX Hologram, a new free accessory! In the Samsung Superstar Galaxy event game, that you can find it very easily!

Inorder to get the CharliXCR hologram, the shoulder accessory, follow every step by completing each challenges one by one to get the main at the end.

  • Collect 10 Blue Stars on the Asteroid Smash obby
    to get Unlocked the Flowing Breeze
  • Use 5 Stage effects during a performance
    to get Unlocked x5 Music Super Emote
  • Collect 250 Stars
  • Dance 10 Times at any arena
    to get Unlocked Golden Octopus Stage Item
  • Recieve 15 heart votes performing
    to get Unlocked x5 Drones Super Emote
  • Get 35 Perfects while dancing
    to get Unlocked Golden Skull Stage Item
  • Collect 300 Stars
    to get Unlocked Air Dance
  • Perform 2 times with custom stages
    to get Unlocked x5 Confetti Super Emote
  • Use 5 different emotes
    to get Unlocked Sphinx Stage Item
  • Earn stars on every planet obby
    to get Unlocked Charli pet, Found in the Roblox Avatar Editor

Now at the end, make sure to check the Avatar Editor to see your shoulder accessory. If you had done all the small challenges one by one, you will get the CharliXCX Hologram for sure.

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