Elden Ring: How to get Cleanrot Armor Easily (Guide)

Elden Ring has a lot of hardcore enemies with unique and dangerous attack styles. To survive and defeat such bosses you will need to polish your combat skills. Another aspect you can improve to give your character a boost is by acquiring powerful armor sets. One such armor set in Elden Ring is Cleanrot Armor.

Cleanrot Armor Statistics.

Cleanrot Armor set in Elden Ring is one of the most impressive and powerful armor sets. This armor set has a good defense against physical and magic damage. It also has a high immunity. The Cleanrot Armor set is comprised of four pieces: Helmet, Chest/Legplates, and gauntlets.

How to farm Cleanrot Armor set in Elden Ring.

You can farm all pieces of Cleanrot Armor in the “Swamp of Aeonia”. To farm all the components of the armor set you have to keep killing Cleanrot Knight. This enemy will drop the armor sets.

Swamp of Aeonia
Swamp Of Aeonia.

To reach the “Swamp of Aeonia” you have to travel to the “Dragon Burnt Ruins”. Traverse to the end of the dungeon and locate the main chest. This is a trap chest that will transport you to the “Sellia Crystal Tunnel”.

Sellia Crystal Tunnel
Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

This tunnel will have a lot of dangerous enemies in cramped space. Do not engage with the enemies and sneak past them to the lower levels. Rest at the “Site of Lost Grace” to set your respawn point and replenish your flasks.

Site of lost grace inside crystal tunnel
Site of Lost Grace in Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

Exit the dungeon and skirt around the river with your horse and head towards the arched tree. A second “Site of Lost Grace” will be around this area. Rest at this site to set your respawn point.

Site of lost grace inside swamp of aeonia
Site of Lost Grace in Swamp of Aeonia.

Now all that is left to do is locate and keep killing the Cleanrot Knight until it drops all the components of the Cleanrot armor set.

Cleanrot Armor
Complete Cleanrot Armor Set.

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