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Elden Ring: How to get the Devourer’s Scepter Easily

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Elden Ring has come out to be one of the most successful and loved games of this generation receiving a great reception from critics and the public alike. Even after 2 weeks of release the hype surrounding the game doesn’t seem to be fading and players are discovering new things the game has to offer on a daily basis.

With so much content to explore we are sure that players are bound to miss some awesome gear. So we decided to make this guide to tell you how you can get one of the coolest and most unique armaments you can find in-game called the Devourer’s Scepter.


How to get it Early?

It may be hard to believe but you can get this legendary armament extremely early in the game. You can go to the Warmaster’s Shack site where the Warmaster resides. To get the item you can kill the Warmaster right here and you will get the weapon as a reward.

This method is not at all advisable as you will lock yourself out of the Warmaster’s quest and will miss on a lot of loot you may get from him. So use this method while keeping this in mind.

How to get it the Usual way?

If you did not kill the Warmaster, you would have to wait till you reach all the way to Volcano Manor, which is a very late game area to get the weapon.

To get the weapon you would have to complete the Volcano Manor questline which involves killing a few enemies at specified locations on your map.

After completing any kill, be sure to exhaust the dialogue of the NPC called Bernahl.

After completing 2 kills you will get a letter which you should ignore for now and talk to Bernahl who will give you another letter. You would have to fight a 2v2 battle with Bernahl at your side. Once you defeat your enemies go back to the Manor to talk to Bernahl who will reward you with the spell Gelmir’s Fury.

After this, you would have to kill the final boss of the quest called Rykard, once you defeat Rykard Benahl will disappear from the Manor and you will encounter him again near the Besides Great Bridge Site where he will invade you.
You would get the legendary armament after you fight and defeat Bernahl in the confrontation. You would also get his armor set as a reward.

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