Fortnite Season 8 – How to Get the new Armored Walls and Use

fortnite armored walls use

In Fortnite Season 8, Epic has been recently added the new traps, which is an armored wall. But what is this wall for? how much is its strength? everything we need to learn about this new trap, is here.

The Wall is very much powerful and stronger than the normal wooden and metal walls. This armored wall is very unique and never had been seen before in previous seasons of Fortnite. But note that this wall is not going to be available in the Competitive matches.

What are the Armored Walls used for?

The Armoured wall can be used in many areas in the game. The Wall provides you extreme safe barrier which is very difficult to break easily.

The Wall layers are extremely thick and looks like iron wall, so use this wall like any way you want.

  • Use as a Barrier
  • Use to Camp
  • Use to Hide
  • Use to Survive in Last circle

Now lets find it out, how can you actually get a one and where you can get these.

Where to get these Armored Walls in Fortnite

Finding new Armored Walls in Fortnite Season 8, is going to be very easy, you don’t need to fight any bosses or complete a challenge to get these walls.

The Armored walls can be find –

  1. Supply Drops
  2. General Loot

Supply Drops –

The first way to get these walls is to get from Supply boxes, so run with the Supply drops as you see in the sky and follow it and get loots, with the loots you can find this Armored walls.

General Loot –

The Second way to get these walls is to get normally from the general loot from the ground all over the island. Just like normal loots scattered on the ground, you can see this walls on the ground.

Features of Armored Walls

As we know, the walls are used to protect, use as a barrier in the game, the wall has itself many benefits and some important features which are –

  • HP : 2500
  • Total Stacks : 20
  • Arming Delay : 1.5
  • Durability : 27

Now lets move to the usage of armored walls, you must know how to use them properly and use it for your safety in-game.

How to Use Armored Walls

These Armored walls use are same as of normal walls, but you need to find the walls first inorder to built them. Also the walls will be stored in your trap inventory slot, as it is a rare item.

Also it will not be stored in your 5 Slot weapons inventory, so no need to worry about the space taken by these walls.

  1. Find these Armored walls from island or supply drops
  2. Make any simple structure normally
  3. Attach the Armored walls with this existing structure.
    (Press Trap key [T] to replace it)

As you press the trap keybind, the Armored wall will apply to the existing surface and will make it a strong, metal big wall, that you needed.

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