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How to Get Genshin Impact Lithic Spear & How Good Is It?

When we talk about Genshin Impact guides, the three major things that are mentioned are characters, weapons, and artifacts. In this article, we will discuss what a lithic spear is, how to get it and if it’s good.

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular and long-lasting open-world games in the Gaming Industry. That might be because of its progressive storyline or the Gacha Mechanic which includes a wishing system that features a new character or a re-run every 21 days. The Genshin Impact Youtube Channel recently surpassed 5 million Subscribers and that speaks a lot about the game’s popularity.

What is Lithic Spear?

Lithic Spear

Lithic Spear is a type of weapon in Genshin Impact. The game has five types of weapons that are Bow, Polearm, Catalyst, Sword and Claymore. Every character that is in the game at the moment can only use one of these types of weapons. While there are rumours about characters that can use different types of weapons, there is no confirmed news yet.

Lithic Spear is a polearm-type weapon in Genshin Impact that has a really unique ability to it. The weapon can be levelled up to LVL90 which puts the Polearm at 565 Base ATK and a 27.6% ATK bonus. Apart from this, the weapon has a passive ability called “Lithic Axion: Unity”. To put it simply, the spear provides an extra ATK bonus and Crit Rate which is based on the amount of Liyue characters in your current party.

Lithic Spear

Apart from levelling up the weapon in this game, it can also be refined using any copies of the weapon that you get. This can be done up to Refinement 5 and requires at least 4 copies of any weapon to fully refine it. At refinement 1, Lithic Spear gives a 7% ATK bonus and a 3% CRIT Rate for every character in your party that is from Liyue. At refinement 5, this jumps up to an 11% ATK bonus and 7% CRIT Rate for every Liyue member which is pretty insane. This also counts the character you currently have the weapon on.

There is a simple way to determine if the character is from Liyue in-game. Just open your character screen and check the top right side of your screen. You will see a vision with your character’s element on it. Behind this, every liyue character has a square-type figure that determines that they are from Liyue.

Is Lithic Spear good?

Lithic Spear can be both pretty useless and one of the best weapons in the game for a lot of Polearm characters. Of course, with the kind of passive that it has, it is limited and is only preferred to be used on a Liyue Character. Fortunately, apart from everything else, this weapon is one of the best-in-slots for Shenhe, who is a Cryo Liyue character.

Apart from Shenhe, there are other Liyue characters like Xiangling, Yun-jin, etc. that can make really good use of this Polearm. Zhongli is one of the strongest supporters in the game and he comes from Liyue. He can be used in almost every team and provide at least one stack for this Polearm.

Overall, this weapon is definitely worth it if you own Shenhe and don’t have her signature weapon. As for the rest of the characters, it depends on the kind of team you’re using. If you can build a team around the character that hails from Liyue, this weapon is definitely worth it.

How to get the weapon Lithic Spear?

Some of the weapons in the game are exclusively available only in the weapon banner wishes. Lithic Spear is one of those weapons. It was released after the launch and isn’t available in the Standard Banner yet. So, the only way to get this weapon at the moment is through event weapon wishes.

It has been a while since Lithic Spear was featured in the weapon wish and the next update 2.7 features a Liyue Character, Yelan, so there might be a chance of having Lithic Spear on the banner. If you’re looking to buy a Lithic Spear, stay updated with the banners and hopefully, it will be featured soon.

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