How To Get Gold Ingots In V Rising Guide (2022) Updated

This guide will help you with every step required to find and craft Gold Ingots in V Rising. V Rising is a vampire survival game that is set in an open Goth world. You start off as a weak Vampire and slowly get better and better until you’re the best. But, if you’re looking for Gold Ingots, we’re assuming you’re already way past the introduction.

Gold Ingots is one of the few endgame commodities found in V Rising. It is incredibly hard to craft and the process to acquire its recipe is not an easy one either. But, the payoff is also incredibly powerful as it gives a substantial upgrade to your armor, weapons, and many other items. Of course, to craft Gold Ingot, you will require a smelter in your castle.

But that is the least of your concern. Since you’re required to make a smelter early game for a lot of other things. Here are the rest of the steps to get your hands on a Gold Ingot in V Rising.

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Gold Ingots in V Rising

Gold ingots in v rising
Azariel the Sunbringer – Screenshot from Touby__

To craft Gold Ingots, the first step is to acquire a recipe for the same. Just like the recipe for Dark Silver Ingots, this recipe is also acquired by defeating a boss. Players need to set out and defeat Azariel the Sunbringer, who is the V Blood Boss in Brighthaven Cathedral. It is a LVL68 boss and is one of the hardest to defeat.

It will definitely take players a few attempts to kill this boss. And that is if they have the required equipment and potions. First of all, to fight this boss, you require the Holy Resistance Flasks. The Holy aura in the entire Brighthave Cathedral region is really high.

Once players have defeated this boss, it is time to reap the rewards including the recipe for Gold Ingots in V Rising. Once you’ve acquired the recipe, you’re still required to stay in the region for the following step. So, make sure you have enough heals and the Holy Resistance Flasks mentioned above.

Material required to craft Gold Ingots in V Rising

Apart from the smelter, Gold Ingots in V Rising require 8 sulphur and 8 gold jewelry for each of their crafting. Acquiring sulphur isn’t the hard part of this recipe. There are distinct nodes that have a yellow and green hue to them. When these nodes are harvested with the right equipment, it provides players with Sulphur ore.

As for the Gold Jewelry, this is the reason you need to stay in Brighthaven Cathedral for. Enemies called Paladins and Wizards are scattered across the region mentioned and they have a high chance of dropping Gold Jewelry. These enemies are also level 68 and while they’re easier than the boss, they can still hit hard.

Once you have enough Gold Jewelry, head back to your castle and smelt as many Gold Ingots as you desire. While this process can be long and tiring, this is an endgame commodity and the payoff is worth it.

That is all for this article, Hope it was helpful.

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