How to get New World Winter Convergence Giveaway Free

With Christmas coming closer, New World has also started to celebrate this with a cold winter look with exciting new rewards, mission and bosses that you beat and level up even furthermore.

In this Winter Convergence Festival there are level of progress system which relates with reputation. You will have to do certain types of events to get tokens and reputation to unlock shop level, through which you can get some very useful items.

New World Winter Convergence Giveaway

This event starts on December 17 and will be available for a total of 11 days, that is, it will end on 27 December. From 17 December you will start getting rewards based on the number of days divided into some sets.

There will be a total of five ways that will feature items like housing items, an emote, and the full Hunter’s Hibernal Festivities armor skin. These items can be claimed at any time within the given two days deadline for that item.

All Items Dates Revealed

Remember, each item will last for two days, so make sure you claim these free giveaway items within the dates, or before they expire.

DECEMBER 17 & 18Convergence Poinsettia Housing Item (x2)
Hunter’s Festive Coat
DECEMBER 19 & 20Hunter’s Festive Trappers
Hunter’s Festive Furs
DECEMBER 21 & 22Hunter’s Festive Gloves
Convergence Mistletoe Housing Item
DECEMBER 23 & 24Shiver Emote
DECEMBER 25 – 27Hunter’s Festive Hood
Wreath Housing Item

How to claim free New World Giveaway

Claiming these items is pretty simple, you just have to follow the steps if you are unable to claim the items or do not where to find these items.

  1. First launch the game from steam.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Then go to the store and there you will see the these giveaway rewards.
  4. Claim these rewards in every two days.

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