How to Get or Reveal the Whole Elden Ring Map (All Locations)

If you are looking for Elden Ring Map or want to reveal the map components in Elden ring, this might be the guide for you. In this article, we will tell you the exact location you need to know to find the map in Elden ring, So without wasting your time, let’s get started.

Elden Ring has a massive map with a lot of detail, but the map is blurry because of the fog of war, But you can reveal the map if you know how to unlock or find the map location. Once you have started your adventure in Elden Ring, You can use your map to learn about the world.

Things you need to know about the Elden Ring Map

  • You can use your map anytime you want.
  • You cannot use the map while you are in combat.
  • On your default map you can see minor details on the map.
  • To see the map of Elden Ring in detail you need to find the map.

How to unlock the Map in Elden Ring with location

elden ring map reveal fragment get
Image: Fextra Life

So if you want to unlock all the sections and parts of the map in Elden ring, you will need to find Map Steles. It’s a large stone structure with glowing letters written on it. That’s the map fragment, and you have to collect it from there.

These map fragments are located in large enemy camps near the region’s Legacy Dungeon route. Once you have collected the map, all you have to do is open your map, and you will be able to see the map clearly in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Map Stele Fragments in Elden Ring

Below you will find the exact location of the stele fragments in Elden ring. This will help you see the map with more points of interest.

Limgrave Map (West)

Elden Ring Map Limgrave West
Image Credits: IGN

You can locate this Map Fragment at the large Stele, as you can clearly see on the map. It’s near an enemy camp called Gatefront Ruins. Many Soldiers heavily guard the area. Stealth might be the best option for you to get the map easily.

All Map Fragments Location in Elden Ring

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