How to Get Rich in Dinkum Quickly


Dinkum is a life simulator video game developed and published by James Bendon. The game is available on Steam but is still in early access.

You’ll need to work hard to earn money while playing Dinkum. You will also be impressed by the variety of ways there are to score money in this game. However, there are several options available. Not all of those techniques are equally rewarding and worthwhile of efforts. So, we are here to help you show the easy ways to make money quickly in Dinkum.

In simple points, here are the ways:

  • Complete all tasks on the bulletin board
  • Sell fish, insects and beehives
  • Sell your goods including wood and wooden planks
  • Sell gems
  • Collect seashells
  • Capture animals

Selling Scrap and Other Waste

  • Get a Metal Detecting License from Fletch to get started. It costs 2000 Permit Points to purchase.
  • Purchase the Metal Detector at John’s Goods for 6000 in-game money.
  • Use the metal detector after equipping it and move around on the ground till you hear beeps. There are blue hints on the ground that indicate the presence of something nearby.
  • Dig the ground with the shovel you have.
  • It will raise a barrel, smash it, and remove the contents.
  • Continue doing this for as long as you like, then go sell everything.

Catching and Selling Fish

  • The pricing of different fish varies, and some of them can even be sold for 1,000 in-game currency.
  • Fishing is a relatively simple and peaceful activity.
  • Locate a fishing location where you can see lots of fish.
  • Capture the fish with your line.
  • Until you catch it, reel it in your direction.

Capturing Animals

  • You can begin capturing various animals and birds in the game once you have obtained a trapping licence.
  • Build a simple Animal Trap.
  • Put it in close proximity to the bird or animal you want to catch.
  • All you need to do after capturing them is take the cage and leave it at the Animal Collection Point.

Also, to generate some quick cash, you can just sell the items in your inventory that you don’t need. Do this until you are left with nothing valuable. The game is available on Steam to buy and install.

Written by
Bhargav Chopra

Hi, I'm an undergrad who likes everything related to technology and gaming. I love coffee and am a hardcore gamer. Shoot me a DM on Twitter if you'd like to get in touch.

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