How To Easily Get Stretched Resolution On Fortnite Chapter 3

How To Easily Get Stretched Resolution On Fortnite Chapter 3

If you play Fortnite competitively, you would like to make sure that you’re utilizing all the tactical advantages available to you. Playing stretched resolution is always one of the important custom settings that most competitive players use, regardless of the game.

It makes your enemies appear bigger and as a result, easier to shoot while also running smoother at the same time. So if you’re wondering how you can play stretched resolution in Fortnite, you’re in the right place, as we will be showing you how to do exactly that in chapter 3.

How To Easily Get Stretched Resolution On Fortnite Chapter 3

How to set Custom Stretched Resolution in Fornite

Unfortunately, unlike other games where players can choose a custom resolution from the settings, you don’t get a similar option in Fornite as of yet. So to do it, you will have to follow the following steps.

Step 1: First of all log out of the game and close the Epic Games Launcher if it is running. Now, when on your desktop, press the Windows + R key together to bring up Run and type in ‘%appdata%’ to open up your PC’s app data folder. Here, you will have to find a folder called ‘FortniteGame’.

Step 2: Inside the ForniteGame folder, locate a file named ‘GameUserSettings’ by navigating to Saved -> Config -> WindowsClient. This should be a .ini file that opens with Notepad.

Step 3: After you open the GameUserSettings as a text editor, Press Ctrl+F to search for the number ‘1920’. This will highlight the resolution setting values where the 1920×1020 resolution has been used.

Note that this value may be different if your default resolution is not 1920×1080. If you don’t find any results, you need to check your resolution values then search for that instead. You can now change these resolutions to your desired values. We recommend using 1154×1080 as it is one of the most used resolutions in Fortnite.

How To Easily Get Stretched Resolution On Fortnite Chapter 3

Step 4: Once done changing all the values, don’t forget to save the file with the new stretched resolutions by pressing Ctrl+S or from File -> Save.

Step 5: Close everything and go back to your desktop. Right-click and go to go Display Settings.

Step 6: Click on the box under ‘Display Resolution’ and from the drop-down options, select the custom resolution you previously saved in the GameUserSettings file. Make sure the two values are the same, or else the game may run into issues.

Step 7: Run the game from the Epic Games launcher like you normally do.

When done playing, you will have to revert to your default resolution from Display Settings again.

That should do it. Your game should now start in a custom stretched resolution, if not, you can try going through each step again and check if you have missed anything, as this is quite a tedious process.

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