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How to get the Cape of Happiness in FFXIV

The Final Fantasy XIV and Endwalker’s post-launch patches have already added some new exciting clothing options, but the one that caught our attention the most is the Cape of Happiness. It is a rustic kind of outfit that is crafted by Weavers and offers a sizeable flex for glam chasers.

The worst part is Cape of Happiness is the most difficult one to acquire out of the Alchemist or Carpenter. Only one can create the highly coveted Cape of Happiness. Getting the Cape of Happiness can quite be an endeavor, especially if you don’t know how to get your hands on certain materials.

But here’s a guide for you on how can you get the Cape of Happiness, so keep reading!

The Cape of Happiness Recipe

The first step of getting any item is getting your hands on the recipe and in the case of the Cape of Happiness, you need to get Master Weaver IX tome which can be purchased from a Script Exchange merchant in any of the major cities, as well as a few other merchants.

  • Anna- The Fermament- (14.2,12.6)
  • Diana- The Fermament-(9.7,8.3)
  • Sanana-the Ruby Sea-;(28.3,15.3)
  • Script Exchange (Eulmore)- Eulmore-( 11.5,10.8)
  • Script Exchange (Gridania) – Old Gridania -( 14.1,9.1)
  • Script Exchange (The Crystarium) – The Crystarium- ( 9.7, 8.5)
  • Script Exchange (Idyllshire) – Idyllshire- (5.7,7)
  • Script Exchange (Limsa Lominsa)- Lower Decks- (6,11.9)
  • Script Exchange (Mor Dhona) – Mor Dhona -(22.4,6.7)
  • Script Exchange (Rhalgr’s Reach) – Rhalgr’s Reach- ( 9.9,12.5)

How to Craft the Cape of Happiness

Now that you have the hands-on recipe, you need to gather the materials for the Cape of Happiness. The four key components of a Cape are:
⦁ Cloth of Happiness (X1)
⦁ Ar-cean Velvet ( x 3)
⦁ Lightning Cluster (X3)
⦁ Wind Cluster (X3)

Getting the easiest way out of the way through, Lightning and Wind Clusters can be gathered in a variety of ways including Mining and Botany. The hardest part is gathering the Cloth of Happiness, which can only be gained by completing the Exitatron 6000, a new dungeon in patch 6.5.

Once you have all the materials simply learn the recipe from the book, and have a look at it.

So that’s how you craft a Cape Of Happiness in FFXIV, have fun playing the game! And for more such updates be sure to subscribe to our notifications!

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