How To Get The Gauss Shotgun Easily In Fallout 76 (Location)

The Gauss shotgun is a rather formidable weapon to wield in Fallout 76. It was introduced to the game in its third major update: Wastelanders. It comes with impressive damage that is greater than most of the weapons of its type, which makes it a valuable item to be added to your loadout.

But rarely do good things come easy. The ranged shotgun is not readily available to the player. It has to be built from a plan, and before it is built, the weapon plan must be acquired. While it takes some effort to get hold of the actual weapon, its performance and stats make it well worth spending some energy on the grind to build it.

Gauss Shotgun
Gauss Shotgun (source: Fallout Wiki)

After successfully finishing the main questline of Wastelanders, the Gauss shotgun weapon plan can be bought from Samuel, who is one of the settlers living in the Foundation—the settler headquarters. The plan costs 500 gold bullion and the player is required to have reached the ‘Ally’ level of reputation with the Settlers, which is the maximum level of importance.

Note: Reputation can be gained by completing the daily quests offered by the Settlers faction. You can speed up this process by taking up the occasional quests presented during random encounters with the Settlers.

Alternatively, the weapon plan can also be bought from Minerva, the gold bullion vendor that sells rare plans and recipes at a discounted rate. Minerva can be found at any of her four rotating locations (which change once weekly) in Appalachia: Foundation, The Crater, Fort Atlas, or The Whitespring Resort. But be advised, the weapon plan is part of her rotating inventory, meaning that it is not always available.

Once the weapon plan is bought, the Gauss shotgun can be built/crafted at any weapons workbench using these required crafting materials:

  • Aluminium: 14
  • Circuitry: 6
  • Legendary module: 2
  • Screw: 15
  • Silver: 4
  • Spring: 4
  • Steel: 7
  • Wood: 8

Many say that the Gauss shotgun isn’t really much of a shotgun. The Fandom Fallout Wiki says that it is actually closer to a volley gun than a shotgun, which explains why the Gauss shotgun behaves differently than the other weapons in its assigned class. But we can leave the details of classification to the nerds, and instead, go out there and have some fun with this killing machine.

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