How to get Unbanned In Genshin Impact Easily in 2022

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game and upon its release in 2020, even with a lot of competition became one of the most played free-to-play games. Even though the hype surrounding the game has dulled compared to its prime days.

Genshin Impact still remains very relevant and has a very active community that follows anything new related to the game. With the constant support from the developers and the addition of new content, we are sure Genshin Impact is here to stay.

Recently a lot of players have been complaining about the various bans the game is handing out to players, with many wondering how you get unbanned. So today we bring you this article to hopefully clear all your doubts regarding this issue.

Why Do Players Get Banned?

There are many reasons you might receive a ban in Genshin Impact, we have listed the clearly stated conditions that if violated will lead to the banning of your account –

  • Using unapproved payment methods.
  • Applying cheating programs or any other unauthorized game programs.
  • Online Harassment and Abuse
  • Inappropriate Behaviour
Source- Ubanster

If you are found doing any of the above, you might receive a warning or a temporary or permanent ban. If you do get a permanent ban for going against any of the conditions then unbanning your account becomes impossible but many wrongful bans have also been given to many players and if you are one of them then there is a high chance your account will be unbanned.

How To Appeal to Get Your Account Unbanned

The only way of actually getting your account unbanned is by appealing to the Genshin Impact team, the team will look at your complaint and verify it, in case you have been wrongfully banned your account will most likely be unbanned and you may even receive a compensation from the team in the form of in-game rewards. The process of sending the appeal has been explained below –

  • Go To The Feedback Button – In the Paimon Menu of the game you will find a Feeback button in the last row, you need to click this button which will take you to a website where you will raise your issue.
  • Account Issue – On the website, you will see many options for various issues choose the Account Issue option and go to the preset questions. Here you will find a question Why does my account indicate that it has been banned? How do I unblock it, you need to click on this. Here you will receive the mail where you will have to send your information and complaint. Usually, the mail where they tell you to send your complaint is [email protected].
  • Send relevant information to the email id – You will be asked to send your UID, server region, and explanation. Upon receiving the mail a team will look into your account and if no issues are found your account should get unbanned within a few days.

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