How To Get Updated Rosters In Madden 22?

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The National Football League(NFL) has a lot of changes almost every single day and these changes are reflected in Madden 22. Players can easily be left behind if they don’t keep up with the changes in the current roster. If a player is injured or sitting out in NFL, that is most likely to reflect in Madden 22 as well. This alone tells you how important it is to get Updated Rosters in Madden 22.

EA hasn’t properly announced a way to update your rosters in the current version of the game which can be a real pain for some players. A lot of players have tried to manually update their rosters, and while that is possible, there is a much easier way to do the same by checking for updates on the EA servers themselves. In this article, we will show you how to do that.

Get Updated Rosters in Madden 22

The importance of getting the updated rosters in Madden 22 is humongous. For example, if a player gets injured, or traded, or even if their position in the field changes slightly, this can have a big impact on your game because all of the NFL changes are reflected in Madden 22. While this is mostly a good thing for football fans, it can sometimes be a curse to update them daily. But with this method, it’s made much easier. Follow the following easy steps to get updated rosters in Madden 22.

  • First of all, as we mentioned, we will be using the EA servers to get the official updates to the roster. So, players need to make sure they’re logged in. Also, if there is not an update when you’re checking, just wait. Usually, there are updates almost every week so there’s a high chance that one is coming soon.
  • Next, go to the home page and click on the NFL logo. Scroll down and click on “Share and Manage Files” and then on “Download Community Files”.
  • After that, find the Roster section while the selected type is also Roster and not Draft Class.
  • Refresh the list using the button shown on-screen and you will get all the updated lists of Rosters, including the one you’re using if there is any update to them.
  • Here, look for the file that belongs to the Roster you want to update and download it. Once the file is downloaded, click on “Load and Delete Files”.
  • Go over to Rosters again and load the file you just downloaded and voila, you’re done. It will give you a confirmation of file being loaded on the screen.

That is all for getting Updated Rosters in Madden 22. Hope this article was helpful.

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