How to Ground Pound in Halo Infinite

how to do a ground pound in halo infinite

If you are looking for a way to perform a Ground Pound in Halo Infinite, don’t worry. We have a simple tip that can help you do that. Many of the people don’t know, but we can do a ground pound in Halo Infinite.

Ground Pound is a new technique that was first introduced in Halo 5 Guardians that provides a better and extraordinary ability to kill enemies. You get paused in mid-air and aim in a downwards strike propelled by your thruster pack when you’re on top.

How Can I do Ground Pound in Halo Infinite?

ground pound halo infinite using grappleshot

Ground Pound is an essential skill in Halo Infinite Campaign. Killing an enemy using the Ground Pound is so much satisfying and powerful at the same time. Follow the steps given below to ground pound your enemies.

  1. First, upgrade your grapple shot to tier 3.
  2. When you have succesfully done that. All you have to do is Grapple your enemy and then instanly press “E” or the “melee key” in the mid air to perform a ground pound on your enemy.
Quick Glimpse on how to do ground pound in Halo Infinite

Can you do Ground Pound in Halo Infinite Multiplayer?

Right now, No I don’t think so, but the ground pound is an essential skill. Maybe we will see this in Halo Infinite Tournaments or upcoming future updates by 343 Industries.

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