How to Master aim in Valorant – Aim Improvement guide

Valorant is a 5v5 tactical FPS game developed by Riot Games, which has gained extreme popularity among folks in the gaming community. To teams compete against each other and the first to score 13 points wins. Your team may start as either the Attacking side or Defending side, and you switch sides after the total game score reaches 12.

You get to choose the character you want to play before a match starts (You have 5 Agents unlocked when you start out of the total 18 characters available). Each Agent has their own unique set of abilities, and you have to win using your aim and abilities. While abilities matter a lot in this game, having good Aim is a key factor in shooting games. And you’ll learn how to improve your aim in this guide. So let’s get started…

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6 tips to improve your aim –

Before getting started you should make sure you are aware of the setup you are using.
When it comes to playing e-sports or highly competitive games, you have to rely on your gaming setup as much as you rely on your skills. You’ll need a good internet connection to make sure you are not losing to latency or packet loss issues. Also, make sure that your processor and graphic card are not letting you down by throwing fps drops and lags.

In addition to your pc and internet, accessories matter too, like the type of your mouse-pad, and mouse type and specs. Make sure you are aware of the setup you are using and comfortable with using it.

1. Sensitivity

You should not play default on sensitivity if you wish to have a good aim. You should experiment around with your sensitivity and stick to the one that you are comfortable with. you can check your mouse dpi and set your sensitivity according to the specifications of your mouse.

It is recommended that you do not play on a very high sensi since Valorant is very precise with recoil, movement errors, etc. Thus if you try to shoot while your mouse moves, although your crosshair is in the right place, you’ll miss your shots.

2. Practice

Always play a deathmatch or go to the range before you start playing in your competitive queue. It is necessary to warm up and remind your muscles how your gameplay works. It is important to exercise your muscles to get acquainted with the recoil and shooting patterns of the game as well as the weapons you’ll be using.

Loading Screen Range

3. Arm positioning

Your stance and arm positioning matter a lot, otherwise, you can restrict your movements knowingly or unknowingly. You need to position your arm according to your aim sensi. If you do not move your arm much and depend solely on your wrist movements then you should keep your sensitivity relatively high. Otherwise if you prefer playing on high sensi, you can keep your elbow off the table so that you can use full forearm movement.

4. Crosshair

Using an unnecessarily large crosshair can cause distraction or aim offsets. Especially in Valorant, you’ll never see an experienced player using a crosshair that has movement errors enabled. You can customize your crosshair however you want, but common practice is, to turn off movement error and fire errors so that you can focus only on the centre of your crosshair.

Here’s an example of a bad crosshair vs a good crosshair

Untitled 2

5. Stand still and shoot

As I said earlier, Valorant is very precise with movement errors and recoil. Thus you must click only when you are standing still. Although it also depends on the weapon you are using. Practice strafe shooting and idle shooting in range with bots.

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Shooting Range Valorant

Learn where to place the crosshair, and practice in the range to see for yourself how firing error and movement errors work in the game.

6. Weapon that suits you

Spectre and Phantom have high recoil and they do not ensure a kill on the first headshot, thus they’re preferable for use at short range. And on a close range, you need not worry much about recoil or movement errors. Whereas if you are using Vandal, you should ensure that you shoot when you are standing still.


Keep these things in mind and experiment to find the best configuration you can play on. Once you find a productive setting stick to it.

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