How to Increase FOV in Fortnite Chapter 3 (NEW Method) 2022

increase fov in fortnite glitch

In this, I will show you a very simple method that can help you to increase your FOV in Fortnite. This is a FOV glitch that was discovered a while ago and it still works, If anyone of you is still willing to use it, Simply follow the steps given below.

How to Increase FOV in Fortnite Glitch

This glitch is very easy to do, So follow the steps given below to get extra FOV in Fortnite. This FOV has many benefits it can help you to get more kills, more area.

  1. When you are in the countdown area, Keep your focus.
  2. As soon as it hit 1 second press the slide key to slide and you will get increased FOV in the game.
  3. Thats how easy it is to do.

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