How to install NON-Steam games on the Steam Deck Easily

In this guide, we will tell you how you can add non-steam games on your steam deck easily just by following the steps mentioned one by one. Note that this may not include all the games that you demand.

The Steam Deck is a Valve and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) mobile gaming computer that was released on February 25, 2022. This handheld device looks similar to Nintendo Switch but the main difference is that Steam Deck functions as a small PC.

How to install NON-Steam games?

  1. Note that the game gets installed on steam deck storage not your external added storage.
  2. First go to the menu and then click on power options.
  3. There you will find Switch of desktop option. Select it.
  4. Below Click on blue discover icon.
  5. Now click on applications and then on Games.
  6. There you will find multiple game categories.
  7. Select any game you want and then you can click on install.
  8. Now on homescreen you will Steam icon. Click on it.
  9. Now on the top you will see Games and then click on add a non steam game to my library.
  10. A list of apps will be listed.
  11. Select the required game you have just downloaded and add it.
  12. Now click on add selected program.
  13. From desktop click on return to gaming mode.

You can also test installing windows on the steam deck and then try to run non-steam games. You can also install the origin launcher and switch emulator on the steam deck and play your favorite game on the portable device.

We have covered these articles on FutureGaming. So you can check more posts on the steam deck and get updated with these guides.

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