How To Level Up Fast In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

With a passionate, dramatic plot and adorable characters , Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is arguably one of the best titles Nintendo Switch has to offer. Here are some crucial tips to climb the levels faster.

A classic JRPG, Xenoblade Chronicles offers a well-balanced exploration and combat system. Players can level up by taking on various quests and tackling specific enemies which will make your character stronger. Any average player will level up by taking on the various side and main quests, but to go beyond that players will have to invest more time and grind.

Just like any other tried-and-tested JRPG, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is rewarding to those who are willing to take up challenges, the three main ways through which you can level up faster in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are

  • Defeating enemies
  • Map Exploration
  • Completing quests

Like most games of this genre, going heads-on enemies is the most basic way of gaining EXP in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Look out for elite mobs on the map which are marked with a blue symbol over their levels. They are much challenging but offer much more Experience Points, defeat these to boost your levels. Moreover, players can also take on Unique monsters which can put up a difficult fight for the party but also offer fairly decent Experience Points. Just head out in the world, spot groups of enemies and make your way through them. To effectively farm combat, be sure to base yourself near a Rest Spot in an area slightly higher than your current level.

Explore the Unknown. The game rewards players with bonus EXP as an incentive for players to explore new landmarks, the map is filled with a ton of areas to be explored which can also be used as Rest Spot so make sure you do for easy Experience Points. In addition, the game features collectibles which offer some EXP when found, but these add quickly.

Take on a bunch of quests which are the most dependable and comparatively safer way of gaining EXP in the game, while some quests are harder to complete, others can be completed within no time while offering an adequate amount of EXP.

Players can exploit a feature in the game which involves huge gravestone which are placed on defeated monsters which the players can interact with to fight with the beast again which allows the player to collect the same awards repeatedly and plenty of level-ups.

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Thats about it on how to level up faster on Xenoblades Chronicles 3. For extensive guides and hints, be sure to check out other related articles listed below.

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