How To Level Up On Steam Quickly (Best 5 Ways) in 2022

Any player who has ever played a PC game has most likely come across Steam as it is easily the most popular digital distribution platform for video games. You can perform all kinds of tasks through steam like buying a game, launching a game, adding friends, leaving a review, and many more.

So it is no surprise that every PC player has to have steam installed on their devices. In this Guide, We will see some Best way to level up account on steam, so if you can’t level up on steam, follow up on this article.

What are Steam Levels and Why They Matter

The steam level is a showcase to display your interaction with Steam and is increased by various activities like purchasing a game, adding your first friend, etc. Steam levels also give certain perks to players. The steam rewards are mentioned below-

  • For every level increased you get +5 capacity to add friends
  • From level 8 you can perform various actions during steam sales to receive trading cards.
  • For every 10 levels, you receive an additional profile showcase slot
  • Also For every 10 levels, you get a +20% chance of getting booster packs from badges

5 Ways to Increase Your Steam Level Easily

Badge Crafting

source- steamcommunity

Easily the fastest way to earn XP for your steam level is by badge crafting. You can craft badges using the trading cards of Steam. These trading cards can either be obtained from supported games, from trading, or can be bought.

You need a certain number of trading cards of the game to create its badge so be sure to collect them. You may require to buy the trading cards you are unable to obtain but they are very cheap and you can even sell your duplicate tradings cards so it should not cost you much to craft a badge.

Crafting these badges gives you a decent amount of XP and is not very time-consuming once you get the hang of it.

Upgrading Badges

The crafted badges can be upgraded up to 5 times, doing so rewards players with a lot of XP, and by upgrading multiple badges, you will be able to level up in no time. Upgrading the badges also rewards players with 3 random items for a marketplace that can be used for selling or trading.

Perform Certain Tasks

You can complete some basic tasks to get a small amount of XP for your steam levels. Performing these tasks is great for early levels however there are very few tasks and even those are insignificant for higher levels. These tasks include –

  • Adding a friend
  • Playing a game
  • Posting a screenshot

Use Steam Sale

You get specific trading cards on some steam sales that you can use to craft steam sale badges. These are a great way to get some more badges and start upgrading them so make sure you don’t miss them.

You also get to do various activities during the winter and summer sales and you can even participate in certain events, make sure you make full use of these events as they also provide a decent amount of XP.

Simply Own Your Account

This is a step you have been following since the moment you created your steam account. You get certain badges for simply having your account for a long time, these badges are called the years of service badges, and for every year you have an account, you’ll earn 50 XP which may not seem like a lot but is a good source of getting XP passively.

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