How To Mute Your Guns Easily In High On Life? (Quick Guide)

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A new game was released on the 13th of December called High On Life, and as weird as the name sounds, the story, and the game itself are too. High On Life is a Comedic Sci-fi Action-Adventure First-Person Shooter game created by Justin Roiland and developed and published by Squanch Games. The game is available for Windows and Xbox.

The game’s title is a brainy suggestion because the game’s story is about aliens that invaded earth and are using humans to convert them into drugs, hence “High On Life“. Now we are tasked with saving humanity and we have as our companions, living weapons that are called Gatlians. As capable as these guns are in taking out aliens, they can be exasperating for the player, because they keep spewing nonsense ceaselessly.

why would I mute?

Any gamer is bound to lose their cool because your weapon is so talkative. Although it is a very cool and funny feature, but sometimes it might get intolerable, and you will want to mute them. But there’s no need to worry, we’ve got you covered, this guide will show you how to mute your guns in High On Life.

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How to mute guns and weapons?

To mute your guns, you just need to go to the game settings. Then navigate to the audio tab, and change the Gun-chatter settings as you see fit. For players who just wanna enjoy the game without getting bent out of shape, turning the gun chatter off is the first choice to make.

high on life settings audio gun chatter

The gun chatter has three options, frequent, occasional, and none, and the default is set to frequent. If you are cool with your companion speaking almost always then you can choose frequently. But if you are not suited to their consistent babbling, you can opt for occasional, as the guns sometimes give valuable information like secret routes or combat tips, and also keep the gameplay fun and entertaining. The third option is None if you do not want to hear anything unnecessary, because they will still speak, but only when required at crucial points in the game. The choice is yours to make, whatever suits you.

Some of you might find this feature cool, while others may not, developers have made all the options available, you just need to change the settings. That’s all in this guide, let us know in the comments what you think about the feature. Also, visit, we’ve got tutorials, and guides just like this one for many games, also tips, tricks, game codes, and more.

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