How to Play The Callisto Protocol Using VR

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Callisto protocol, launched on 2nd December 2022 is a horror survival game. The best thing about the horror genre is it becomes more fun the scarier it gets. The creators of this game have done well on the game graphics. The graphics are so good it already looks quite real. Just add a Virtual reality experience to the mix and you get the surreal gaming experience.

The game has support for VR and it will elevate your gameplay to the next level. If you want to know how to play Callisto protocol using VR this guide will help you with it. Since the game has support for VR it won’t be that much of a challenge. Let’s get started.

callisto protocol game poster
Callisto Protocol – img via

cAllisto protocol on VR

Although the game has support provided for VR make sure that the VR headset you are using is compatible with the game. If you are considering buying a VR headset, check beforehand whether your laptop or pc supports it or not as well as the game you will be playing on it.

Once you have checked the compatibility and your headset is ready, connect the VR device to your PC. Depending on the Headset brand you own, you will have to download the App provided by them to connect, configure and set up your VR headset.

Once you are past this stage, all you have to do is set the VR motion controller, and launch the game. If the game doesn’t work with the VR check whether the VR service is running. If you face any problems, let us know in the comments.

Let us warn you though, this game is very Gory and some of you may find it disturbing. Also, make sure you are not bothered by watching violent or ominous graphics.

callisto protocol game screenshot steam
Callisto Protocol img via steam

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