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How to Download & Play Fortnite Mobile Android/ios in 2021

Want to Play Fortnite on Mobile, Here’s a full guide that will help you downloading and installing Fortnite on Mobile easily with simple steps that everyone can follow.

Fortnite is an online free to play Battle royal game which is fun to play and had almost 350 million players already playing as stated by Esportsnet website. Playing Fortnite on Mobile is not a difficult task, it will take only few minutes of yours and you can simply install and play it.

First thing we will talk about some basic system requirements which will be required to run Fortnite on Mobile and compatible Platforms where you can run Fortnite easily without searching your device on google.

First of all the basic stuff you will need is storage. Make sure your device is empty and a working browser to download fortnite, if you ever tried to search fortnite on Google Playstore, you will never find fortnite there, if you get it probably its fake or clone of fortnite.

Fortnite Mobile Gameplay

Does my phone support Fortnite?

Can you play Fortnite on mobile 2021?

Fortnite Mobile is supported to many known devices, there are no clear requirements to play fortnite, however most of the devices which runs fortnite can be seen above Android 8+ with More than 4GB of RAM.

Here are the List of Phones which are supported. To view the Mobile devices check it out here.

How to Play Fortnite on Android

To Play Fortnite on Mobile you don’t need Playstore, you will only need the Epic games store which will be needed to download the APK on your device and follow the steps below further :

  1. Installing Epic Games
  2. Allow Unknown Apps Installation
  3. Installing Fortnite
  4. Allow Access in Fortnite
  5. Login to Fortnite
  6. Play

Step 1) Installing Epic Games

  1. Go to the Browser or Simply Direct download the Epic Games Launcher APK Fortnite Installer or click here to download . Note that this link is only show download button for Android Devices. For other devices, it will show QR code, that you can scan
  2. Click Get it on Epic Games App on the Middle of the site. Then Press OK to proceed with the Download. Press Allow if it asks “This Type of file can harm your device”. This is only a warning, The APK is 100% safe to download from the Official Epic Games Website.
  3. Click Open at bottom prompt in chrome, which will be showed after the Epic Games App Downloaded.

Step 2) Allow Unknown Apps Installation

  1. Apps downloaded from unknown sources make your device and personal data more vulnerable to threats. Here’s some more information about downloading from unknown sites and preventing Ransomware on your device.
  2. If you see some prompt saying in chrome “for security reasons your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps” Click Settings then choose the option which says “Allow Installation from this source”
  3. With this, you can now Install any Unknown App from the google, this is completely safe until or unless you download it from safe and trusted place.
  4. Go back from the top left corner and Click Install on the Prompt.

Step 3) Installing Fortnite

  1. After Installing the Epic Games, Open the Application directly from the app drawer on your android phone.
  2. Now Click the Yellow button at the middle, The files will be set to download and will be ready in few minutes.

Step 4) Allow Access in Fortnite

  1. After Installing Fortnite and the files, The Popup will appear again from the Step 2, Click Settings and then choose “Allow Installation from this source”.
  2. You may be prompted to provide Fortnite permissions and tap through a prompt warning you that the app was designed for an older version of Android.
  3. Now choose what to access in Fortnite, Toggle the Contacts and the Microphone permissions to right side which means Allowed.

Step 5) Login into Fortnite

  1. After all Files Downloaded and Allowing Access to Fortnite, Here comes the Login Part. Login with your existing account or create a new one to proceed.
  2. After login you will see Fortnite Lobby and all, The Fortnite is ready to Play now.


How to Play Fortnite on ios

Playing Fortnite on Ios in 2021 is quite tricky but it works. The Method which is shown below step wise, is an unique way of installing fortnite on ios and totally new. This is the only working method on our site you will not find it anywhere else.

  1. Get your ios and Head over to the Settings
  2. Now Go Down Until you see Safari, and Click on it.
  3. Turn off “Block all cookies” from there. If its turned ON, make sure to turn it OFF.
  4. Press Allow if it asks for a confirmation as a Popup.
  5. Now Go Back to the Settings again and go Up and search for General
  6. Find Background App Refresh and Turn it ON and choose Wifi & Mobile Data from there.
  7. Again Go Back to Settings and search for App Store and Enable Automatic Downloads under Mobile data section.
  8. Again Go Back to Settings and Find Battery and Make sure the Low Power Mode is Disabled
  9. Go to ZenoApps site from your ios and search for Fortnite++ in the search bar. and wait for it to download
  10. Press Allow to the prompt which will ask to confirm download from this site. Then Click Close.
  11. Now Open Settings again and find Profiles. After that install the Fortnite++ Profile from the top which shows right there. Press Install to complete the profile installation.
  12. Play!

That was all about How to Play Fortnite on Mobile, If you love these kind of posts, please make sure you leave a comment about it, thanks for reading.

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