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How to Play LoL: Wild Rift on Low Pings (New Method) 2022

League of Legends Wild Rift is one of the most popular MOBA games out there. If you are experiencing high pings issues in the game, then don’t worry. We have a simple guide that can help you get low pings in wild rift and other games as well.

LoL: Wild Rift, a multiplayer online combat arena mobile game for Android and iOS. The free-to-play game is based on the PC game League of Legends. The game is developed and published by Riot Games.

How to Fix High Ping Issue in LoL Wild Rift

Most of the players in Wild Rift experience high ping issues in the game, and the reason you lose that 1v1 fight is that you have higher latency. But don’t worry, we have created an easy method mentioned below to help you get Low Pings in Wild Rift.

Removing Unnecessary Apps and Storage

Removing unnecessary applications is critical since all Android apps run in the background when you play games. Removing or freezing those applications can help you reduce the latency in Wild Rift.

How can you get rid of unwanted applications from your device?

To delete undesirable programs from your Android smartphone, go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Uninstall. Choose the app you don’t use > Uninstall > Finish.

Choose the closest server possible

LoL: Wild Rift gives you multiple options to choose what server you want to play in. Make sure to select the nearest server possible as that will help you get the lowest ping possible in the game. Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of ping, So always keep that in mind to change the closest server in the wild rift.

Connection Stabilizer Booster

This is a straightforward application that can help you get a lower latency in Wild Rift. I have been using it for quite sometimes, and it really works. If you want to see a complete guide on using this application, I suggest watching the video given below.

Data Saver Ping Reducer App

reduce pings in wild rift

Background applications are the primary reason why you are suffering from high pings since apps that run in the background consume a lot of data, such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. These applications are continuously operating in the background and using your mobile data.

These programs continue to operate in the background when you play LoL Wild Rift or any other multiplayer game, creating excessive pings.

You can download any application that helps you reduce background usage of other applications, allowing you to block any useless apps from consuming your data in the background, free up RAM and conserve data, resulting in lower ping in games and more significant FPS.

Avoid using VPNs

Keep in mind that VPNs are not always helpful in reducing latency in video games. So if Wild Rift is officially available in your country, you don’t need to use a VPN while playing the game. If you still want to use VPN, I suggest using the servers closest to your locations.

Get Low Pings LoL Wild Rift India & Other Countries

We all know that League of Legends Wild rift is not officially available in all countries. For instance, India has not been on the list for a long time, but India still has a lot of Wild Rift players playing the game in suffering.

Don’t worry. We have a simple method for you that can help you get about 80-120 pings in LoL Wild Rift in India and other unsupported countries, which is absolutely phenomenal. So without wasting your time, let’s get started.

  1. Make sure to follow all the steps given above to gain additional benefits.
  2. First Download any free VPN from Play Store and App Store.
  3. After that connect to Singapore Servers.
  4. Launch the game, Head into a match.
  5. Now, All you have to do is disconnect the VPN and you can still play the game.
  6. Enjoy Playing LoL: Wild Rift on Low Pings in India and Other countries.

Thanks for reading the article. I hope I was able to help you reduce pings in Wild Rift. For more Wild Rift related content, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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Owen Singh is a Tech, esports writer for Future Gaming that specializes in CSGO, Warzone, Apex, and Many other FPS Games esports scenes. He is also specialised in MMORPG and other similar genres.

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